HY Affiliates is probably the most established and reputable affiliate program around as they are the sole affiliate program of the HYCM trading brokerage. HYCM is a trusted online trading broker that was established in 1977, giving this brokerage 40 years of experience. Since HYCM’s establishment, the brokerage has won numerous awards and operates and accepts customers from all over the world. The broker continues to grow day after day with thanks to the ever popular and sophisticated HY Affiliates program.

This affiliate program is very successful and operates in 162 countries, contains over 4,200 active affiliates who’ve referred over 65,000 clients to HYCM, and has paid out $15 million in commissions to their affiliates. There’s no question that HY Affiliates is a legitimate and reputable financial affiliate program, but is it the right affiliate program for you? In the following review we’ll delve deep into all aspects that make up the HY Affiliates program and whether it’s a good program to be a part of.

  • Various lucrative commission plans
  • High paying commissions
  • Wide array of sophisticated marketing tools
  • Excellent customer service
  • Payouts are only on a monthly basis

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Commission Details

The HY Affiliates program offers affiliates some of the highest commissions structures in the financial affiliate market. Affiliates can choose one from three lucrative commission plans which are best suited for their needs. See an overview of these commission plans below.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
This is the most popular type of commission plan among financial affiliate programs. The way the plan works is, an affiliate receives a one-time payment from each successful referral they get. With a successful referral meaning, a referred client who deposits the minimum deposit amount into their trading account and meets all the other minimum requirements. The CPA commission amount varies from country to country but has a high of $500 per referral for some countries and a low of $100 per referral for other countries.

Revenue Share
This commission plan works best for affiliates who successfully refer dedicated clients who consistently trade. Affiliates can earn as much as 20% on the net revenue of their clients for a lifetime. However, the percentage of the net revenue generated is dependent on the clients total net revenue each month.

Lot Rebate
This commission plan is paid out as a fixed rate for each lot a client trades. The fixed rate paid is scalable depending on the net deposit amount of the trader and can be as low as a $6 commission and as high as a $10 commission.

Sub Affiliation

HY Affiliates has a very lucrative sub affiliation program that affiliates can use in conjunction with their standard commission affiliate plans. The way this program works is, affiliates earn a commission for referring other affiliates to convert new clients to HYCM. The “master affiliate” in the sub affiliation program receives a share of their referred affiliates net revenue. The existing or master affiliate can earn up to 5% from their sub affiliates.

Payment Details

HY Affiliates pays their affiliates on a monthly basis and facilitates the payments through a wide variety of payment solutions. At the end of each month the commissions are calculated and promptly paid out on the following work day. Affiliates can be paid via Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard), WebMoney, Skrill, and PayPal.


HY Affiliates utilizes highly sophisticated software to help their affiliates track their progress and succeed in attracting new referred clients to the HYCM online trading brokerage. All affiliates have access to their personal web-based dashboard where they’ll find useful statistical information regarding their progress and commissions. Statistics are updated in real-time and can be shown in a visual charting representation. More advanced software implemented by HY Affiliates is the tracking software used to peg a referral to their corresponding affiliate. The tracking software works to track the potential client no matter where or when they sign up and deposit money into their HYCM account.

Other advanced software featured by HY Affiliates includes the cross-platform marketing tools. All the marketing tools offered are fully optimized for the web and on all mobile devices. Affiliates can effectively drive traffic to their website and all their social media channels using the wide array of marketing tools. Some of these marketing tools include banners, landing pages, emails, eBooks, educational materials, videos, and more. All of these marketing tools have been optimized to give the best conversion rates and thus help affiliates become more successful.


HY Affiliates is one of the most reputable financial affiliate programs available and has been operating for a number of years as the HYCM broker was established in 1977. This affiliate program offers very high commissions and a variety of lucrative commission plans suited to each type of affiliate. The software used to track referrals is very advanced and affiliates have access to numerous advanced marketing tools as well. All in all, HY Affiliates can be a lucrative way to generate an income from affiliate marketing for the HYCM online trading brokerage.