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Cryptopia Review

  • Massive amount of cryptocurrency assets available
  • Low fees
  • Fast customer support via a good ticket support system
  • Low volume exchange
  • Trading platform interface can be confusing
  • No fiat to cryptocurrency pairs supported

Cryptopia is both a cryptocurrency exchange and an online marketplace to spend cryptocurrencies. The exchange/marketplace which is Cryptopia is based out of Christchurch, New Zealand and was established in 2014 with their registered number being 5392901. Cryptopia is not considered to be a major exchange as the daily volume is around $1.6 million and primarily services New Zealanders, however, the exchange is open to accepting traders from all over the world.

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Getting started with Cryptopia is fast and simple by only requiring three things to open an account: email address, username, and password. Users can begin trading cryptocurrency pairs with daily withdrawal limits of 5000 NZD without becoming fully verified. Users who wish to trade larger amounts of cryptocurrency and have higher deposit and withdrawal limits, they must become fully verified. To become verified, traders must submit the following:

  • Government issued ID (passport, drivers licence, national ID, etc.)
  • A selfie picture of yourself holding the government issued picture ID
  • Bank account information (transit number, institution number, account number)
  • Proof of bank account ownership and Residence (bank statement, utility bill)

Once the information is submitted, users will be verified as soon as possible. Usually within 5-10 business days.

Trading Platforms


The trading platform at Cryptopia seems very complicated and unorganized at first, it definitely takes some getting used too before you start trading. The charting view is somewhat limited, and the order book and order placement seem awkwardly positioned below the charts. Also, it seems as if there is a lot going on and can be overwhelming for beginner cryptocurrency traders. However, experienced cryptocurrency traders should not have a problem navigating and using the exchange and may even find the layout quite nice. Although, the trading options may seem limited to experienced traders as they can only place simple buy and sell orders without any options for stop losses, limit orders, etc. The platform is web-based but does not respond well on mobile devices. Therefore, traders are advised to only trade on desktops until a mobile application is released.


The marketplace is a convenient feature that is unique to Cryptopia. It provides an easy to use interface which allows users to spend their cryptocurrency on real products and services. Users can search for products based on the cryptocurrency accepted for payment, as well as to search certain products to then see which cryptocurrency payments are accepted. Cryptopia clearly states their 0.2% fee on orders and the payment process is very pleasant.

Trading Markets

Cryptopia offers their traders a tremendous amount of digital assets available to trade. At the time of writing, Cryptopia features over 540 cryptocurrencies available for trading. Even the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms don’t offer this many cryptocurrencies. These digital assets can be traded with the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • USDT
  • NZDT
  • Litecoin
  • DogeCoin

While there are many cryptocurrencies available to trade, none of them can be traded on margin. This is largely because Cryptopia focuses on the trading of altcoins, rather than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin which are generally the cryptocurrencies that are used in margin trading.


Customer support is available via an online ticket system. If a user has a problem that can not be solved by searching the sites help & FAQ page, support articles, social media, or online forums, users can then create a support ticket on the online support page. The support ticket process is very straightforward and helps the user identify their issue so that the support team can better help them. It has been reported that the support tickets are dealt with in regards to the importance of the ticket in a timely fassion. Additionally, if you can not log in to your online portal, support can be reached via email as well. As mentioned before, the help & FAQ page can be used to find answers to many of the questions users have had in the past. There are hundreds of posts here and answers to all the standard questions about the platform, trading, etc.

Security and Fairness

Cryptopia employs various security measures on their website and platform to ensure that users do not get hacked and their funds are kept secure. The site utilizes various captchas to ensure it will never suffer a DDOS attack, and two factor authentication is available and strongly recommended for users to employ. Some extra security measures include email withdrawal confirmations, API control, and notification and alerts for account activity. There have never been any reports of any major hacks which is good considering they do not clarify if the majority of user funds are kept secure in cold storage. As always, users are advised to store the majority of their cryptocurrencies in their own personal wallets.


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Cryptopia Reviews by Traders
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90 reviews
Review date 14/06/2018
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Cryptopia is the Kiwi's answer to an alt currency broker, they are convenient and offer a pleasant trading experience.
Cryptopia users are not allowed to convert their gains back into fiat currencies. I find this to be a hassle.
153 reviews
Review date 10/06/2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Cryptopia is New Zealand's answer for crypto brokerages. They offer a very strong range of financial instruments and have low fees.
Cryptopia is a low volume exchange with some limitation. For the right trader however, this can be a good choice.
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