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Genesis Markets

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Genesis Markets Review

  • Innovative crypto brokerage
  • MetaTrader 5 trading platform
  • Deep market liquidity
  • Will support all crypto assets
  • Still very new
  • Not regulated

Genesis Markets (GM) is a new online cryptocurrency exchange that was only recently launched in June of 2018. At the time of writing this review, Genesis Markets is not fully available to traders and the exchange is still implementing various features and aspects. The Genesis Markets crypto exchange is owned and operated by Genesis Vision LP with their headquarters located at Office 29 Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland. The team behind Genesis Vision created and designed Genesis Markets to be a crypto brokerage with many of the same benefits as conventional trading brokerages.

The Genesis Markets exchange is somewhat unique as it aggregates liquidity from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. For now, they are only partnered with Binance, the largest and most liquid cryptocurrency exchange available, and plan to partner with more exchanges in the near future for deeper liquidity. By integrating with multiple exchanges, traders on Genesis Markets benefit from deeper order books for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The idea behind this is for traders to benefit from the best possible order prices as the exchange will use advanced algorithms to fulfill orders with the best possible prices by analyzing multiple exchanges. While Genesis Markets is a very new Cryptocurrency brokerage, how are they fairing in this highly competitive market and can they be trusted? Let’s find out in the following review where we’ll delve into all aspects of this new and enticing crypto trading brokerage.

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Trading Platform

Genesis Markets is in the process of providing a unified cryptocurrency trading platform that provides traders with access to all the crypto instruments available within a single trading platform. The platform will be aggregated with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges to provide traders with the deepest liquidity and cross market pricing. The trading platform interface by Genesis Markets is going to be a traditional and transparent trading interface provided by the ever popular MetaTrader 5 (MT5) terminal. The MT5 trading terminal will bring an abundance of trading and analysis tools in which the crypto markets have never seen before. MetaTrader 5 is very powerful and features unmatched capabilities that conventional traders have come to know and love. The Genesis Markets platform powered by MetaTrader 5 is set to disrupt the cryptocurrency trading industry by bringing conventional trading tools and methods to the Genesis Markets crypto brokerage. See below, some of the innovative features supported by the Genesis Markets platform.

Trust Management

As the Genesis Markets crypto brokerage is created by Genesis Vision, it will fully support the asset management system provided by them.

Built-In Robo Market

Traders can create and implement trading bots or choose from thousands of tried and tested trading algorithms.

Copy Trading & Signals

The Genesis Markets platform will feature copy trading capabilities and trading signal opportunities. Traders will never have to trade alone.

User Created Indicators

Traders will have access to a library of almost limitless indicators created by other traders.

Exchange Markets

The Genesis Markets crypto brokerage will strictly offer the trading of cryptocurrencies with crypto to crypto pairs as well as crypto to fiat and vice versa. One of the most innovative aspects of Genesis Markets is that the trading platform will aggregate the order books and liquidity from numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow traders to benefit from the best possible prices and give them access to a truly extensive variety of cryptocurrency assets. As of now, Genesis Markets is only partnered with Binance but plans to integrate with more exchanges in the near future. Genesis Markets will offer all of the same crypto assets as their partnered/integrated exchanges support. Therefore, the crypto markets supported by Genesis Markets will be huge.

Fees and Commission

Unfortunately, there is no word on what the fees and commissions will be for the Genesis Markets crypto brokerage. However, we can assume they will be competitive with other exchanges if they hope to compete and build up their customer base. Also, whatever fees and commissions they charge will be discounted and payable in the Genesis Vision Token (GVT).

Security and Fairness

As the Genesis Markets crypto brokerage is very new and not yet fully launched, it’s hard to say how fair and secure their services really are. However, the trading platform is provided by the MetaTrader 5 terminal which is a highly trusted and secure trading interface. Therefore, traders can rest assured the platform itself will be stable and secure. As for the security of user funds and the Genesis Markets crypto brokerage, it is still uncertain.


Again, since Genesis Markets has not fully launched yet, it is unknown what the full level of support is like. However, the support can currently be reached via email and through the brokerages social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. The team has healthy level of communication via Telegram and keeps the community updated via Facebook and Twitter. As for email support, the support representatives answer all questions about Genesis Markets the best that they can.


All in all, Genesis Markets appears to be a very enticing and innovative cryptocurrency trading brokerage. They are striving to provide advanced and sophisticated trading solutions that conventional traders expect and are used to. The trading platform is provided by the ever popular MetaTrader 5 terminal and the crypto markets are unified by exchange aggregation, which makes for some very interesting and innovative aspects of the Genesis Markets crypto brokerage. However, only time will tell how this crypto trading brokerage will do, but it is definitely something to look out for.

Genesis Markets Q&A

The following are the common questions that customers inquired about Genesis Markets.

Is Genesis Markets regulated?

No, it is not regulated.

Is Genesis Markets a scam?

No, Genesis Markets is a legit crypto broker created by Genesis Vision.

Where is Genesis Markets based?

Genesis Markets is based at Office 29 Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland.


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Genesis Markets Reviews by Traders
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199 reviews
Review date 18/07/2018
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Trading crypto currencies on MT5, it is an every trader wish.
It is very young, founded in June 2018. Still not regulated
208 reviews
Review date 06/07/2018
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Genesis, the beginning. This broker is aiming to revolutionize the crypto broker game by offering every single asset available with a trader friendly platform and deep liquidity.
Genesis is not regulated, and is not proven. Their reputation could be determined either way depending on their course of action and that has yet to be determined.
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