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Liqui Review

  • Excellent trading platform
  • No verification needed
  • Passive income savings account
  • Wide variety of cryptocurrency assets
  • Slow customer service and limited options
  • No fiat currencies supported
  • Not regulated

Liqui is yet another cryptocurrency exchange offering the trading of various cryptos. However, Liqui offers their users an additional, very unique, and interesting feature in which most other if not all crypto exchanges do not. Liqui offers traders the option to open a savings account where they can earn a passive income of 24% APR (Annual Percent Rate) or 0.066% per day. These types of returns are truly outstanding and is definitely a lucrative feature that sets the Liqui exchange apart from the competition.

Liqui was established in 2016 and is based out of Kieve, Ukraine. The exchange is most popular among European traders due to its location, but also offers their services to traders all around the world. Liqui is not yet regulated as the entire cryptocurrency industry is so new and unregulated. However, the exchange has become fairly popular among cryptocurrency traders and now has decent daily trading volume. The Liqui cryptocurrency exchange appears to be an excellent choice at first glance, but is it really? Find out in our in depth review below.

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Trading Platform

The trading platform provided by the Liqui cryptocurrency exchange is a proprietary web-based platform, and we must admit it is really well designed. The entire platform looks and operates so smoothly with everything placed just where it should be. It offers a perfect trading experience to beginner traders as well as experienced traders because it’s packed with highly advanced features. For instance, the charting features are very well done and feature 7 different time frames, 6 different chart types, and over 70 technical indicators. As well, traders can place advanced order types which are executed with lightning fast speeds due to real-time market data and high quality servers. Liqui plans to add margin trading and lending in the future as well to make their platform and services even more complete. All in all, we can honestly say that the Liqui trading platform is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms we have come across.

Exchange Markets

The Liqui exchange deals strictly with cryptocurrencies and doesn’t even support any fiat currencies. However, this is very common among crypto exchanges as it is easier for them to operate that way. Therefore, traders must first purchase crypto on another exchanger and then transfer it to Liqui for trading. The Liqui exchange features an extensive array of cryptocurrency assets including the most popular and highly liquid coins to the newest undervalued cryptos. In total, the exchange currently features nearly 200 cryptocurrencies and this number is constantly changing as the exchange lists and delists new coins. The markets in which these cryptos can be traded against include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

Fees and Commission

The Liqui exchange follows a maker and taker trading fee model in which the maker fee is 0.1% and the taker fee is 0.25%. While the maker fee is quite competitive compared with industry standards, the taker fee is quite high. Therefore, we advise traders to always place their orders to take a makers order. That way they will only be charged a 0.1% fee rather than 0.25%. As for deposit and withdrawal fees, there are none. This is extremely out of the ordinary, especially with such low trading fees. Nonetheless, this is what Liqui has done and it has attracted a large number of crypto traders to the Liqui platform. All in all, the fees imposed on Liqui traders are some of the lowest in the entire crypto industry.

Security and Fairness

Liqui may not be a licensed and regulated exchange, but their security measures and business practices are very fair, safe and secure. Liqui has only been on the market for about two years now, but it is already viewed as a trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange among many people. Liqui takes their security very seriously and even held a hacker event through, where hackers would try and infiltrate the exchange and find bugs in the code. This was done in an effort to improve security and shows how serious the Liqui exchange is. Also, traders accounts and sensitive information are protected by two factor authentication methods and advanced SSL technology. The overall security of Liqui is quite impressive and should be an industry standard.


The one area in which Liqui seems to be lacking in is their level of customer support. Traders can only receive support via email and Twitter. This is very limited compared to most other exchanges. As well, the hours the support representatives is unknown and they are rather slow with their responses. Furthermore, to make matters worse, the exchange does not even feature a simple FAQ page, knowledge base, or resources section. Traders are basically left in the dark. Therefore, we were very disappointed with the level of customer support and additional support resources.


The Liqui cryptocurrency exchange is like no other crypto exchange we have seen before. The savings account feature where you can earn passive income is a very attractive feature and the trading platform is very well designed, easy to use, and highly sophisticated. As well, traders have access to an extensive array of crypto assets. The trading fees are very competitive, and security is good. The only bad thing we came across was the level of customer support. However, the overall experience with the Liqui crypto exchange is very good and we can highly recommend it.

Liqui Q&A

The following are the common questions that customers inquired about Liqui.

Is Liqui regulated?

No, it is not regulated.

Is Liqui a scam?

No, Liqui is not a scam and is trusted and used by many.

Where is Liqui based?

Liqui is based out of Kieve, Ukraine.


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199 reviews
Review date 27/06/2018
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Solid trading platform, and wide range of coins offered
Profit withdrawing is huge problem of this exchanger. A passive income of 24% APR that they offer is a clear scam.
16 reviews
Review date 23/06/2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Liqui has a great trading platform for traders to access a wide variety of alt currency assets, but not much else.
Liqui is pretty mediocre among competitors. While they certainly aren't a bad choice, there are much better offerings in the marketplace.
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