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Vaultoro Review

  • Highly safe and secure
  • Intuitive and innovative trading platform
  • Great knowledge based and customer service
  • Reasonable fees and commissions
  • No fiat currencies accepted
  • Limited tradeable assets

Vaultoro is a very unique Bitcoin Gold exchange where users can exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for real gold and vice versa via an online trading platform. Vaultoro was established in 2015 by Joshua Scigala and Philip Scigala and is headquartered in London, England and Berlin, Germany. The company uses real gold bars that are stored in a high security vault facility owned and operated by the largest precious metal dealer in Europe, ProAurum, which is located in Switzerland. The primary purpose of Vaultoro is to facilitate the exchange of Bitcoin into gold instantly. Although, users already holding gold bars held in ProAurum’s vault can be exchanged for Bitcoin as well. The Vaultoro exchange service is the easiest way to buy real gold using Bitcoin and is available for people all around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since Vaultoro is such a unique and innovative exchange service, can they be trusted and is it a good way to purchase real gold? Find out in the following review where we delve deep into this innovative Bitcoin Gold exchange service and analyze all aspects pertaining to the services they provide.

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Trading Platform

The trading platform featured by Vaultoro is entirely web-based and accessible on all desktop computers via the web browser interface. The platform is intuitively designed allowing for a simple and easy user experience. The platform functions and features are clearly defined and accessible making the platform great for inexperienced traders while at the same time are advanced and sophisticated enough for experienced traders. Traders have access to a basic price chart, volume chart, as well as an order book and trade history. The information provided on the Vaultoro trading platform is sufficient for conducting a simple analysis on whether exchanging Bitcoin for Gold or vise versa is a good opportunity at any particular moment. Traders can place simple market orders and limit orders which are executed instantly in real-time. Vaultoro plans on releasing a mobile trading application in the future but do not currently offer one. All in all, the trading platform offered by Vaultoro provides an excellent user experience for exchanging Bitcoin and Gold.

Exchange Markets

The Vaultoro exchange only features the exchange of Bitcoin and Gold and vise versa. No other cryptocurrency assets can be exchanged for Gold. However, users can deposit alternative cryptocurrencies to the Vaultoro exchange where they will then be exchanged for Bitcoin via a ShapeShift integration. No fiat currencies are supported by Vaultoro due to regulatory complications in doing so. However, Vaultoro plans on adding support for the Euro to buy and sell both Bitcoin and Gold at some point in the future. As well, they plan on supporting the Ethereum cryptocurrency and Silver as a tradable precious metal in the future. While the tradeable assets offered are limited, Vaultoro remains as one of the only Bitcoin Gold exchanges in the world.

Fees and Commission

The fees and commissions imposed on traders are comparable with industry standards ranging from 0.5% to 0.2% depending on the 30 day trading volume. See the variations below.

  • 0.5% per trade from 0 to 500 grams
  • 0.4% per trade from 500.001 – 1500 grams
  • 0.3% per trade from 500.001- 5000
  • 0.2% per trade anything above 5000 grams

Additional fees include a Gold storage fee of 0.4% of your gold volume per year. This fee is applicable because the gold is stored in high security vaulting in Switzerland. As for Bitcoin storage, there are no fees.

Security and Fairness

Vaultoro is a highly safe and secure Bitcoin Gold exchange service. The trading platform implements top of the line security protocols for high security data encryption and Vaultoro utilizes two factor authentication to protect user accounts. As for storage of customer assets, user Bitcoin funds are stored offline in secured multi-signature cold storage wallets and the Gold bars are securely stored in a state of the art vault facility in Switzerland. All Bitcoin and Gold assets can be audited and verified that Vaultoro in fact holds them. Also, every single gram of Gold is 100% professionally insured against physical loss. All in all, the Vaultoro Bitcoin Gold exchange is a highly safe, fair, and secure exchange that can be trusted.


Customer support representatives can be contacted via email or reached out to via Vaultoro social media channels including Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, customers have access to an extensive and comprehensive knowledge base. Here, traders will find loads of frequently asked questions and helpful and informative articles pertaining to all aspects of the Vaultoro exchange and their services. As well, Vaultoro features a blog on their website where users can inform themselves on the latest market news and more. All in all, the customer service is good, although it would be nice if they had live chat or telephone support.


The Vaultoro Bitcoin Gold Exchange is an innovative exchange that provides a service that is very rare and unheard of. The Vaultoro trading platform is intuitively designed and highly sophisticated so that traders can confidently exchange Bitcoin for Gold and vise versa. The exchange has very reasonable fees and is highly safe and secure. Traders can use their services with confidence as Vaultoro implements top of the line security features with their Gold bars safely secured and insured in a Switzerland vaulting facility. All in all, if you’re looking to purchase Gold with Bitcoin, the Vaultoro exchange is a viable option.

Vaultoro Q&A

The following are the common questions that customers inquired about Vaultoro.

Is Vaultoro regulated?

No, it is not regulated.

Is Vaultoro a scam?

No, Vaultoro is a legit exchange that’s one of, if not the best Bitcoin Gold exchange in the world.

Where is Vaultoro based?

Vaultoro is headquartered in in London, England and Berlin, Germany.


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208 reviews
Review date 02/08/2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Vaultoro is highly secure and offers reasonable fees on a popular trading platform.
Vaultoro lacks convenience in its options. They also have a weak range of equities compared to competitors.
161 reviews
Review date 02/08/2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Vaultoro is secure and offers a popular trading platform for traders to interface the market with.
Vaultoro doesn't seem to have a lot going for it, but especially not their reputation.
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