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ZuluTrade Review

  • Cutting Edge trading platform across multiple devices
  • Easily follow and copy trades from successful experts without knowing anything about Forex and CFD trading
  • Quality and efficient Customer Support
  • Selection of the right group of traders is always a snag
  • Money management can be difficult for beginner traders

ZuluTrade is an online social trading platform that enables users to copy the trading strategies of the successful trading experts. This service is spread across different brokers who have partnered with ZuluTrade to use the cutting edge platforms provided by ZuluTrade. So, it enables traders all over the world to connect and share their knowledge and experience.
ZuluTrade was founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai and Kosta Eleftheriou in the United States. They wanted to follow the trading strategies of renowned expert traders and ultimately succeeded in creating a software that could achieve that. Today, the company headquarters is located at Akti Kondili 14, Piraeus, Greece.
Currently, the company has more than a million users from 192 countries and has executed trades worth over a trillion dollars. Traders have the opportunity to copy forex signals, CFDs, indices, binary options, commodities and cryptocurrencies.
The website is available in 24 languages. ZuluTrade is obviously successful but we shall take a deeper look into their services in order to determine whether they should be trusted or not.

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Trading Platform

The trading platforms used on ZuluTrade are as follows:
a) ZuluTrade Android App
This allows trading from over 70 international brokers. Users have access to thousands of strategies to follow and automatically copy trades without monitoring the market. ‘ZuluGuard’, a tool which protects traders’ capital is available. The‘Portfolio simulator’ enables traders to see the trading history of a selected expert tailored to their own strategy. ZuluTrade Dashboard allows multiple account management. Live charts, economic calendars and a lot of other useful tools are available. A widget to monitor accounts equity is constantly on the desktop. This app is downloadable from the android play store.

iPad and iPhone

This is the iOS version of the trading platform of ZuluTrade. It can do basically everything that the Android version can do. It is downloadable from the iOS app store.

Windows App

This is the ZuluTrade trading platform designed for the windows mobile phone. It is packed with all the features as described above for the Android app.

Blackberry OS 10 App

This is the ZuluTrade App available for the Blackberry Operating System for Blackberry phones. It can equally perform all the functions as can be done on other devices. It is one of the very few brokerage platforms that is compatible with Blackberry devices.

Exchange Markets

ZuluTrade connects to over 70 brokers all over the world. These brokers connect to different exchanges all over the world in order and provide multiple trading instruments. ZuluTrade provides the technology for these traders across different brokers and platform to connect to each other. When they connect, trading activities can be copied and followed either automatically or manually.

Fees and Commissions

There are no signup fees or subscription fees for the ZuluTrade platform. But traders on ZuluTrade pay a spread for every trade, which goes to compensate both ZuluTrade and the brokers on whose platforms the trades are executed. ‘Profit Sharing accounts’ are accounts created strictly for copying the trades of selected experts. This account type is subject to a performance fee every month. The spread values are set by the various brokers. There are rollover charges for trades that are still open by 9:00pm UTC. Commissions are charged on CFDs.

Security and Fairness

Despite connecting millions of traders across different brokers, there have not been any reports of unprofessional conducts against ZuluTrade. Though, ZuluTrade just provides the social platform connecting different traders from different brokers, they equally ensure best practices. Their trading platforms use advanced technology to ensure security of transactions. Their official website is protected by a Secured Socket Layer (SSL). This is to ensure website identity and encrypt any data entered into the website especially during transmission over the internet.
ZuluTrade operations are totally transparent. Two major account types are offered: the Classic and Profit sharing accounts. They also offer a demo account for practice and platform familiarization. Clients are allowed to pick brokers of their choice from the list of broker partners. They provide a list of top traders for you to easily find whose trades to copy. They equally provide the expert traders full trading history. Their multiple trading platforms on multiple devices are commendable.


Customer support is available in 11 languages. The support is available 24/5 from Sun 21:00 UTC to Fri 21:00 UTC. A live chat facility is available. Email and phone support is equally available using [email protected] and +30 213 0176 399 respectively.
The support representatives are polite, friendly, knowledgeable and swift in response. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on the website provides detailed answers to most questions asked by new visitors to the website. A forum is available on the website. This is where users meet for discussions and questions. The social media channels available are: Facebook, Twitter (@ZuluTrade), LinkedIn (linkedin.com/companies/zulutrade), YouTube and Google+.


ZuluTrade is no doubt the leading online social trading platform in the world today. They provide a wide variety of currency pairs, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, binary options etc for trading on their platforms. Their trading platforms are sophisticated, fully customizable and across different mobile devices. With their technology, you don’t even need to understand forex, just find an expert and copy his trades.
Their partnership with various brokers across the world has enabled more and more traders to join their platform, thus enlarging the opportunities that abound in social trading.
Their multilingual customer support is very efficient. With ZuluTrade technology, you can choose a broker in your locality and still copy traders from another continent that doesn’t even speak your language. A trader may choose not to bother with technical analysis, charts, Expert Advisors, etc. All he needs to do is to find a successful trader and automatically copy his trades. So, ZuluTrade has make life easier for all traders. It is already trusted by over one million traders across the world and so, is recommended.

ZuluTrade Q&A

Here are some common questions that customers asked about ZuluTrade.

What is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is a software company that converts the advice/trades of professional and talented traders across the word to an executed trade automatically. They do this from traders’ accounts in supported brokerages.

Is ZuluTrade a scam?

No, ZuluTrade is a legitimate social trading platform.

Where is ZuluTrade based?

ZuluTrade headquarters is at Akti Kondili 14, Piraeus, Greece but they have offices in the UK, Japan and USA.


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1 reviews
Review date 14/03/2019
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At ZuluTrade, we pride to be the largest social autotrading platform in Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies; we enable our users to automatically follow the trading activity of successful Traders from all over the world and eliminate the influence of emotion on trading. We are truly open and we are currently in collaboration with more than 50 reliable and trustworthy Brokers worldwide. At ZuluTrade, we know that trading involves high risk and that is why we have developed advanced tools to protect our clients’ capital and and features to help them optimize your performance, such as ZuluGuard, Automator, Simulation, Traders' Combos and many many more! We offer 2 different type of accounts to reply to every need and preference: Classic or Profit Sharing, for both manual and autotrading!
Takes time to become the best at trading
199 reviews
Review date 30/06/2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
They are well known company among traders.
When you withdraw your profit from ZuluTrade you need to fight and to have huge patience.
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