AEX Exchange Charts

The Amsterdam Exchange, also known as the AEX, is a Dutch stock exchange whose origins trace all the back to the 1600s with the founding of the Dutch East India Company. The shares of the Dutch East India Company are considered to be the oldest shares of any company in the world. So, the AEX has an extremely long and culturally relevant history. AEX merged with the Brussels Stock Exchange and the Paris Stock Exchange to form the Euronext Amsterdam in 2000. The AEX trades equities, exchange traded funds (ETFs), derivatives, and bonds.

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AEX Charts

Amsterdam Exchange INDEX – (AEX Index)
The AEX Index is an index that is made up of the 25 most traded Dutch companies. It is one of the primary indexes offered by Euronext Amsterdam. The AEX is a capitalization-weighted index. Once a year, there is a primary review of Dutch companies who may qualify to be placed in this index. The closing prices for the companies on March 1rst are used for the weightings every year. Only blue chip and large-cap stocks are included on this Index.

Amsterdam Mid-Cap Index – (AMX Index)
The AMX Index is an index that features mid-sized Dutch companies. The companies that are listed on the AMX index are the Dutch companies that are ranked 26-50 in overall size. The success levels of the AEX and AMX indexes provide a very accurate insight into the health of the Dutch economy at large. This index was started in 1995. It now trades on the Euronext Exchange.

Amsterdam Small-Cap Index – (AScX Index)

This Amsterdam Small-Cap Index, or AScX was created in 2005. This index features the Dutch companies that are ranked 51-75 in overall size. If a company on the AScX Index grows in size, then it can potentially move to the AMX index, or the AEX index. The AScX index currently trades on the Euronext Exchange just like the AEX Index and the AMX index.