BME Exchange Charts

The Bolsa de Madrid Exchange, or BME, is one of four main stock exchanges in Spain. Of the four primary stock exchanges, the BME is the largest and most international. The other three Spanish stock exchanges are located in Bilbao, Valencia, and Barcelona. There are many assets traded on this exchange, including stocks, convertible bonds, fixed income securities, and both private sector and government debt. The Bolsa de Madrid is located in the Palacio de la Bolsa Madrid. This exchange is owned by the Bolsas Y Mercados Espanyoles.

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Madrid Stock Exchange General Index (MSEGI)

The Madrid Stock Exchange General Index (MSEGI) is the benchmark index for the BME. This index was created in 1985. The original base value for the index was 100. The MSEGI includes companies from many different sectors. These sectors include construction, communications, financial services, energy, capital/intermediate goods, and market service. The Madrid Stock Exchange General Index is capitalization-weighted. So, companies on the index are monitored continuously and are evaluated periodically. Companies who lose market cap can be taken off of the index and can be replaced by companies who were not previously on the index, but which grew large enough to be placed on it.


The IBEX MAB 15 Index is an Index which was only recently listed on the BME. In fact, it was created in June of 2017. The IBEX MAB 15 includes the 15 companies with the largest trading volumes. With only fifteen companies included in the index, the IBEX MAB 15 is much more selective and exclusive than many other indices. However, for people who only want to invest in the top Spanish companies, this index could be a perfect option. The IBEX MAB 15 is one of two indices recently added to the BME. The other is the IBEX MAB All-Share Index.