MOEX Exchange Charts

The Moscow Exchange (MOEX), is Russia’s largest exchange group and operates in a variety of trading markets including equities, bonds, derivatives, the foreign exchange market (forex), money market instruments and commodities like precious metals. The exchange was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. MOEX is not owned by any particular person or group, but rather is a publicly traded company. The Moscow Exchange is publicly traded under the ticker MOEX, with approximately 57% of shares in free float. As for the rest of the shares; the Central bank of Russia owns 11.75%, Sberbank owns 9.9%, Vnesheconombank owns 8.4%, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) owns 6.1%. The total market capitalization of shares traded on the Moscow Exchange places it among the worlds top 20 exchanges and places it at number 10 for bonds and derivatives trading.

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MOEX Charts

MOEX Russia Index (MICEX)
This is the Moscow Exchanges main index and contains Moscow Exchange indices which have been weighted by market capitalization and include only the most liquid Russian stocks which are economically related to the main sectors of the Russian economy. In order for securities to be listed on this index, they must undergo an intricate review process by the Index Committee of PJSC Moscow Exchange. This committee consists of leading analysts of the Russian financial market and professionals in the financial community. The MOEX Russia Index is primarily favoured by domestic investors as the index is denominated in Russian Rubles and is calculated in real-time.