Deposit Methods

Online trading can be a very profitable, fun, and exciting way to make money. There are various trading brokerages available who offer competent and reliable services. All the trader needs to do is sign up and deposit funds for trading. However, the question many traders have is, “which is the best way to deposit funds to my online trading account?” While there is no single best solution, there are various deposit methods offered by online trading brokerages that apply to different traders. On this page we will enlighten you on the various deposit methods available and what they have to offer for traders.

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Popular Deposit Methods


While there are various deposit methods available to traders from all over the world, there tends to be a few top deposit methods used among most traders. One of these commonly used methods are e-wallets, especially in Asian countries and countries where it’s more difficult to obtain a bank account. In recent years e-wallets have become more popular than credit and debit cards due to their feasibility, and availability in online markets. There are so many e-wallet options to choose from and they are widely available to traders from all over the world. As well, deposits with e-wallets are very fast, secure, and of low cost. Some of the most popular e-wallets include; Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, WebMoney, and Qiwi.

Debit & Credit Cards

Another popular deposit method among modern online traders are credit or debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. These options are quite popular due to their convenience among traders, deposit times, low fees involved, and world-wide use cases and availability. Many traders prefer these methods compared to others because of the low fees involved and convenience they present.

Prepaid Methods

Prepaid deposit methods are an excellent deposit method for traders who feel uncomfortable with sharing their financial information in an online setting. As well, it’s a great deposit method for managing one’s money and only investing the amount that’s on the prepaid card or voucher. This deposit method is also easily accessible to many. Prepaid cards can be acquired online or in various retail outlets all around the world. As well, they often have very low fees associated with them for depositing funds.

Bank Transfers

Finally, the last most popular deposit method among traders is bank transfers. While this method is not the most popular, it is still widely used among online traders, particularly used by traders who are transferring large amounts of funds. The downsides of this method of deposit is that it requires the most documentation and preparation. It can take quite long to complete (usually several days), and can be quite costly. The fees are especially high for international bank wire transfers, which is why this method is among the least popular.

Final Words

The biggest factor affecting which deposit methods are best for a trader is their location (country/region). This is the biggest deciding factor because certain deposit methods may not be available to traders in one region, but are available to those in another. As well, deposit methods vary in fees from each other from region to region. Traders looking to deposit funds to their online trading accounts are advised to look into all the fees, deposit times, and limits, before settling on a particular deposit method.