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Discover is a leading direct bank and payments services company dedicated to building a brighter financial future for consumers. The Discover company focuses primarily on the customer and how they can serve them better. They offer consumers a wide variety of services including online banking, investing, a variety of different loans, and various payment services through their diverse selection of credit cards and gift cards. The Discover brand services consumers from the United States and has been doing so for 33 years as they were first founded in 1985. Discover has grown and changed tremendously since then while improving consumers lives with the financial services they provide. The product and service Discover is most known for is their credit card. The Discover Card is the fourth largest credit card in the United States and is accepted at over 42 million locations. Numerous online trading brokerages accept the Discover Card in the US and abroad, as it is a viable payment option for traders. Let’s delve in and discover the aspects of the Discover Card for deposits further.

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Benefits of Depositing with Discover

The Discover Card presents numerous benefits to traders who use their card for depositing funds into their online trading account. After all, Discover is dedicated to a positive customer experience and does everything they can to make their financial future better. See the various benefits Discover presents traders below.

Exclusive Rewards

Depending on the trading brokerage and Discover Card used for deposits, traders can get up to 5% cash back on deposits, up to the quarterly maximum. Plus 1% cash back on all deposits at all times. Other rewards may apply as well, depending on the type of Discover Card being used.

Fast & Reliable

Deposits with the Discover Card are very fast as processing times are completed within seconds. As for the deposits to go through so you can begin trading, theywill be completed nearly instant as well.

Low Fees

The fees imposed on traders are dependent on the broker but are generally low because Discover has favorable fees for merchants like online trading brokers. Also, the Discover card has no annual fee for consumers.


Traders can easily track and manage how much they deposit with their Discover Card because it is linked to their online Discover bank account which has excellent money management tools and a clear and intuitive interface.

How to Deposit via Discover

Depositing funds into your online trading account via the Discover Card credit card is very fast, easy, and secure. It can be completed by following a few simple steps, see them below.
• First, you must navigate to the deposit section in your online trading account. Then select “Discover Card” as your payment method.
• You will be brought to the payment gateway where you must enter your personal information linked to the Discover Card and your card details. As well, you will be asked to enter in your secure PIN code for the credit card.
• Next, you must enter in how much you would like to deposit into your online trading account and click submit or deposit funds.
• That’s it, the whole process is simple and easy, and depending on the broker and payment gateway, your Discover Card account details can be saved for the next time.

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