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Epay is a leading international electronic payment platform that facilitates payments in a variety of ways including instant money transfer, global bank wire transfers, virtual payment cards, e-wallet payments, and cryptocurrency payments. Epay was established in 2014 and is based out of Hong Kong with a money services operators licence (MSO) from the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong. The Epay payment service is used all over the world for payments in various businesses including online trading brokerages. Many traders use Epay to deposit funds to their online trading account as they have access to numerous multi-currency payment methods. Epay allows their users to; buy and sell online, send and receive funds, easily convert currencies including cryptocurrency, hold several currencies in their e-wallet, and transfer funds to your bank account. Epay is a very diverse and versatile online payment platform which many consumers and businesses use for sending and receiving money.

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Benefits of Depositing with Epay

Depositing funds to your online trading account is an important process for any trader. Therefore, choosing a payment method which provides numerous benefits is a must. See the benefits Epay presents traders who use it for depositing funds below.

Instant Payments

The processing times for deposits are very quick and can be completed within seconds. The time it takes for deposits to arrive vary on the method used but are competitive with industry standards.

International Payments

The Epay payment method is accepted and available all around the world. All major currencies are accepted in your Epay account, and Epay has a built in currency exchange as well.

Easy & Convenient

Depositing funds with Epay is very easy and convenient. It can be completed with just a few clicks and within seconds.


Deposits via Epay can be easily tracked and monitored. Traders can easily see a record of each deposit they make through this method of payment, thus allowing them to easily manage their money.

Low Fees

Epay imposes very low fees for their users. They provide a number of deposit methods that are absolutely free. Epay has an extensive number of international payment methods that charge no fees.

Safe & Secure

Epay is a licenced and regulated money transmission service with a PCI&DSScertificate. Users funds are kept safe and secure by employing top of the line security measures for storing and transacting funds.

How to Deposit via Epay

Depositing funds to your online trading account is easy and can be done in a few simple steps. See the steps below.
• First, you must navigate to the deposits section in your online trading account and select Epay from the available deposit methods.
• You will then be prompted to enter the amount in which you would like to deposit and sign in to your Epay account.
• Once signed in, you can choose from a variety of payment methods from within your Epay account. Select a method and confirm the deposit.
• The deposit will then arrive in your online trading account instantly.

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  • Platforms: MetaTrader 5
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