ePayments Brokers - Deposit Method

What are ePayments?

ePayments is a payment services company who services online businesses such as online trading brokerages, online casinos, and more. The company has been in the payment services industry since 2011 and has since expanded their services to over 100 countries across the world. The ePayments company has extensive experience in the financial industry, information security, as well as regulatory financial compliance, which are all key in the online trading industry. The ePayments motto is to make online transactions easy, reliable and secure. The company achieves this motto by offering online trading brokerages and other businesses a variety of payment products. For instance, online trading brokerages can integrate the ePayments payment gateway into their website which allows for the collection of payments in a reliable and secure way through various payment methods. As well, ePayments has their very own e-wallet, which traders can use to deposit funds into their online trading accounts. ePayments also offers their users a prepaid Mastercard for the ease of payments online and offline.

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Benefits of Depositing with ePayments

ePayments offers their clients various payment solutions that offer many benefits. See why many trading brokerages and traders are using ePayments as a viable deposit method below.

Safe & Secure – Every financial transaction is secured through Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology. As well, each transaction is protected from fraud with their sophisticated fraud monitoring system. Also, users are only required to provide minimal amounts of personal information, and their data is kept secure on reliable servers.

Convenience – The ePayments gateway makes depositing funds into your online trading account very simple and easy. The payments gateway is very fast and requires little customer information. The e-wallet and prepaid Mastercard payment methods are also very fast and easy to use.

Fast Transactions – As soon as a user makes a payment the funds are transferred instantaneously.

Low Fees – Depositing funds with ePayments is free, they do not charge any transaction fees. However, there are fees for certain payment methods offered by them. For instance, bank wire transfers charge 0.8%, and loading your prepaid Mastercard has a small fee as well.

Money Management – Traders who use ePayments can better manage their money through the ePayments e-wallet. Traders can view their recent transactions and load their wallet or Mastercard with funds easily from the e-wallet portal.

How to Deposit with ePayments?

Depositing funds to your online trading account is very simple and straightforward with the ePayments payments gateway and e-wallet and Mastercard. To learn how, follow the steps below.

  • First, you must obtain a prepaid MasterCard from one of the many retail outlets or their website. Alternatively, you can deposit funds with their e-wallet, or other methods.
  • Once you decide on your payment method with ePayments, log in to your online trading brokerage website and navigate to the deposit section.
  • Select your ePayments deposit method and enter in the amount you wish to transfer and click submit.
  • You will then be redirected to the ePayments payments page where you will be required to enter in your payment information.
  • Click submit and your transfer is complete. It’s a very simple, fast and secure method for depositing funds.
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