Lobanet Brokers - Deposit Method

What Is Lobanet?

Lobanet is an electronic payment method for online and mobile merchants such as trading brokerages and online casinos. The payment provider is geared towards servicing customers from Central and South America with its most popular destinations being Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Uruguay. The name “Lobanet” stands for “Local Banking Network”. As the name suggests, Lobanet offers real time payment services that are directly connected to a user’s personal bank account. The Lobanet company has over a decade of experience and has developed numerous relationships with local banks in the South and Central Americas. However, Lobanet is not compatible with all banks, but plans to expand their services to accept more banks from several other countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Bolivia.

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Benefits of Depositing with Lobanet

The Lobanet payment service benefits customers in a variety of ways and is one of the leading payment gateways in the Americas. See their key benefits listed below.

Convenience – Possibly the best benefit of Lobanet is the convenience of making deposits directly from your local bank account without having to sign up for the service and provide personal information. As well, users never have to worry about loading up an additional wallet or card because the funds come directly from their bank account.

Safe & Secure – As mentioned in the point above, users are not required to provide sensitive personal information when paying through Lobanet. This creates a more safe and secure payment experience. As well, users maintain the security of their bank as the bank must approve and submit the transaction.

No Fees – Lobanet accepts numerous currencies, so traders never have to worry about fees due to conversions. As well, Lobanet does not charge any transaction fees.

Fast Transactions – Since Lobanet is directly connected to your local bank account, transactions are direct rather than transferred via a bank wire transaction. This allows transactions to be instantaneous.

How to Deposit Via Lobanet?

Depositing funds via Lobanet is a true pleasure compared to many other deposit methods accepted by online trading brokers. Transactions are fast and completed in a few simple steps so that investors can start trading as quick as possible. See the steps for depositing funds to your online trading account below.

  • When logged into your online trading account, navigate to the deposit section and select Lobanet from the available deposit methods.
  • From here, you will be redirected to the Lobanet payment interface.
  • Once redirected, enter in your banking details to login (username, password, security question).
  • Next, you will be prompted to choose which account you would like the deposit to come from. As well, you will enter the amount of funds you wish to deposit.
  • The final step is to click submit, you will then be redirected to a confirmation page that overviews the transaction that you just placed.

Payments with Lobanet are nearly instantaneous as the payment provider is linked directly to your local bank.

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