Neosurf Brokers - Deposit Method

What Is Neosurf?

Neosurf is prepaid payment option which offers two payment products. They offer prepaid payment vouchers and a prepaid MasterCard which can be recharged with additional funds as needed. The prepaid MasterCard is compatible with all merchants who accept MasterCard. The Neosurf prepaid MasterCard and prepaid payments voucher can be purchased at any of the 135,000 retail outlets. Neosurf is primarily used in France as the company is based there, but Neosurf cards and vouchers are also available in Spain, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and throughout many parts of Africa. The Neosurf company was established in 2004 and aimed to bring a simplified and safer payment method for online transactions as the card and vouchers only holds a select amount and is not linked to your personal bank account. The cards and vouchers come preloaded with funds that range from €10 to €200 and never expire. The prepaid MasterCard is rechargeable at any of the 35000 France locations. The card and vouchers are particularly attractive to young people and small-time traders and gamblers as they have low limits.

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Benefits of Depositing with Neosurf

Neosurf presents various benefits to their users who use it for depositing funds into their online trading account. See them below.

Money Management – Traders who use Neosurf can better manage their money through Neosurf as the cards and vouchers have a set amount loaded on them which can be tracked online at the Neosurf website. These cards allow users to control their spending, rather than having a credit card with a large limit.

Safe & Secure – Neosurf prepaid vouchers and MasterCard’s are much safer than traditional means of deposits as there is no possible way for to access the traders bank account or more funds than are on the card. As well, the company has years of experience in the payment industry.

Instant Transactions – As soon as a user makes a payment the funds are transferred instantaneously. No need to wait for the banks approval as the funds are on the card already.

Low Fees – Depositing funds with Neosurf is free, they do not charge any transaction fees. However, there is a fee for purchasing or reloading your prepaid vouchers or MasterCard.

How to Deposit with Neosurf?

Depositing funds to your online trading account is very simple and straightforward with the Neosurf prepaid vouchers and Mastercard. To learn how, follow the steps below.

  • Before you do anything, you must obtain a prepaid voucher or MasterCard from one of 135,000 outlets. These outlets can be easily found on their website.
  • Once you have your prepaid card or voucher, log in to your online broker account and navigate to the deposit section.
  • Select Neosurf as the method of deposit and enter in the amount you wish to transfer. You must have sufficient funds on your voucher or card for the deposit to go through.
  • You will be redirected to the Neosurf payments page where you will be required to enter in the 10-digit pin code on the voucher, or the 16-digit MasterCard number.
  • Click submit and your transfer is complete. It’s very a very simple and fast method for depositing funds.
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