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SecurePay is an industry leading software development and merchant services company owned and operated by the OLB Group, Inc. SecurePay provides a real-time payments gateway for web-based businesses like online trading brokerages. The SecurePay software and technology connects the merchants (online trading brokers) payment accounts to their secure server for automatic processing. The technology is designed to securely process and transmit financial transactions as well as to securely store payment card or service related information. The virtual payments gateway solution by SecurePay has been engineered and designed to provide both merchants and consumers a seamless payment experience, while at the same time providing advanced features. The payments environment is forever evolving and changing and SecurePay stays ahead of the competition by providing their merchants with top of the line payment solutions including tokenization and point to point encryption. The payment solution provided by SecurePay is creative, advanced, secure and trustworthy. Online trading brokers of any size can easily implement SecurePay into their brokerage to provide traders with an exceptional payment solution.

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SecurePay Features

SecurePay prides themselves on their advanced features in which online merchants can apply if their use case is needed. See below, the various features offered by SecurePay.


This is an advanced security product for all types of financial transactions including e-commerce. It uses encrypted data and transparently defends hacking attempts and malicious activity.

Recurring Billing

This feature is not commonly used by online trading brokerages, but they could allow their traders to setup automated deposits into their trading account so that they can increase their investment position through time. This automated deposit can be done via a credit card or ACH transaction. The dollar amount, date and time can all be configured to the traders liking.

PCI (Payment Card Industry)

The payments gateway by SecurePay employs PCI data security standards and are completely PCI certified.


SecurePay has highly trained support specialists that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They work with the merchant every step of the way during any issues they might have.

Benefits of Depositing with SecurePay

SecurePay is a leading web-based and mobile payments processer and for good reason. They provide various benefits to traders depositing through their system. See these benefits in the points below.

Fast Transactions

Deposits are processed instantly and only take seconds to arrive in the traders account. However, depending on the payment method used, times could vary.

Simple & Easy

The payment gateway developed and designed by SecurePay was created with the consumer (trader) in mind. The entire deposit process is very straightforward and can be done very quickly. SecurePay enables automation so that traders do not need to enter in their payment information each time they make a deposit.

Safe & Secure

SecurePay has the word “secure” in their name for a reason. All transactions are protected with secure SSL encryption and SecureGuard technology.

Low Fees

SecurePay offers their merchants very low fees and thus most brokerages will implement low fees for trader deposits as well.

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