Review – Is It The Wallet For You?


Owned and operated by Bitmain Technologies who is headquartered in Beijing, China, is a wallet designed by this company who also has developed some of the top cryptocurrency mining systems.

Those who mine Bitcoin need a wallet to store it, so Bitmain created, an online wallet. You are able to store, send and receive Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the wallet.

Using the wallet

The wallet is free to download. The wallet is Hierarchical Deterministic and you can generate a backup PDF to ensure you can retrieve your wallet and Bitcoin if you lose your password.

Each time you receive Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, a new address is generated so no one can follow your wallet usage.

You have complete control of your private keys and BTC never has access to your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

When you create your wallet, you will be prompted to download a backup recovery document. This document is your master backup. It is able to restore your wallet as well as any addresses associated with it.

The wallet is great on mobile and you can send Bitcoin directly to mobile contacts.


There is no cost to download the wallet.

Transactions do incur miners costs and those can vary. You can set a higher cost to get faster transaction speeds.

Customer service

From what I see, customer service is great at It is all handled at Bitmain Technologies… You just click the contact us tab and fill out a support ticket.

From what I see, representatives will contact you quickly to get the issue solved.


Let’s look at the pros of Wallet:

  • BTC has no access to your private keys
  • The ability to send Bitcoin directly to mobile contacts without having a Bitcoin address
  • The ability to set fee levels
  • Multi-signature security
  • Simple backup and recovery
  • Open source


And these are the cons we found:

  • Only supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash


Not having the hassles many other wallets have, does seem like a great place to store your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

With that said, it would be great if they would add the ability to store other cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

But, I will have to say this is a good place to have a safe and secure wallet without worries of loss or hackers stealing your digital currency.

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