Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet Review – Is This Hot Wallet Warm Enough For You?


A rather new cryptocurrency wallet, Jaxx has many features and benefits you will not find with other crypto wallets.

Jaxx did receive some bad publicity recently as there was a bug in the system that allowed hackers a potential “backdoor” to steal users cryptocurrency.

Jaxx administration claims they do have this bug fixed and users can feel safe and secure storing their cryptocurrency in this wallet.

Using the wallet

The Jaxx wallet is actually easy to use. You simply download the wallet from the Jaxx website. You have complete control over your private and public keys allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrency easily.

What’s more, you integrate ShapeShift into the Jaxx wallet which does the work for you.

The Jaxx wallet is available on 9 various platforms and you can sync it across all of your devices.


Here is the best part… The Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet is free to download and use. When you send or receive cryptocurrency, there are fees that pay the miners who are completing blockchains as transactions occur. These fees are not given to Jaxx.

You may wonder how Jaxx makes money.

That happens with the ShapeShift system. For each ShapeShift usage, there are small fees, a percentage of which goes to Jaxx. ShapeShift allows for easy integration between all cryptocurrencies, fiat money and tokens.

Customer service

Jaxx has a great help and support center. Most questions and concerns are covered within all the FAQs. But, if for some reason you have an issue that cannot be answered or covered, you simply submit a support ticket and from what I understand, Jaxx customer service will respond to your ticket within 24 hours.


Let’s look at the pros of the Jaxx Wallet:

  • Cross-platform pairing
  • Supports many coins and tokens
  • ShapeShift integration
  • Free


And these are the cons we found:

  • Bad press due to security concerns
  • No 2 factor authentication


There are many factors that make Jaxx a great wallet, but being so new, there have been many security concerns.

The best advice to give with this wallet is to try it but do not keep large sums of cryptocurrency in it yet.

Here at Investing Online, we will keep you up to date as the Jaxx team mends some of the security issues and adds even more features and benefits.

If you have any questions or concerns with the Jaxx wallet, feel free to contact us and we will attempt to answer your questions for you.

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