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The Filipino language is the national language of the Philippines and is the most spoken language within the country. Worldwide the total amount of people who speak the Filipino language is around 70 million, 25 million of those people speak it as a first language and 45 million speak Filipino as a second language. The Filipino language is among the 185 different languages and dialects in the Philippines and is defined by the Commission on the Filipino Language as the official dialect in the region. Most of the online trading brokerages in the Philippines speak Filipino and offer their trading services in this language. These same trading brokerages will usually offer their services in the English language as well because English is considered an official language of the Philippines.

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Commonly Accepted Currencies

The Filipino language is primarily spoken in the Philippines, therefore the most commonly accepted currency among Filipino trading brokers is the Philippine Peso. The next most commonly accepted currency is the US dollar because it is considered to be the world currency, and the US has a large Filipino speaking population. Other currencies that are commonly accepted are the currencies used throughout South East Asia. Some of these currencies are IDR, LAK, MMK, SGD, THB, and VND. In addition to these already mentioned currencies, the UK pound, and the Euro are sometimes accepted as well, as they are major currencies in the world. To find out which currencies a specific trading brokerage accepts, simply navigate to their banking page or FAQ section on their website, here you should be able to find a list of supported currencies.

Serviced Countries

Filipino speaking trading brokerages are generally very accepting of traders from numerous countries. The most common countries in which traders who use their services come from are neighboring countries that speak different dialects of the Filipino language. Some of these commonly serviced countries are Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Laos. As well, countries from all over the world are accepted by Filipino speaking trading brokers as their rules and regulations are open to international traders. To find out which countries are accepted from a Filipino speaking brokerage, simply navigate to the FAQ page to find your answer there.

Multilingual Trading

The Filipino language is one of 185 languages spoken in the Philippines, therefore Filipino trading brokerages almost always offer multilingual trading. Many of the languages offered are simply different dialects and do not require very much translation. Another language that’s supported is English as it is considered to be the world language. Also, English is an official language along with Filipino in the Philippines. Traders can usually determine which languages a Filipino trading brokerage offers by clicking the country flag that is shown in the top right-hand corner of the brokerages website. Alternatively, supported languages can usually be found at the bottom of a website or on the contact page as well.

Banking Options

Filipino speaking trading brokerages accept various methods of deposits and withdrawals. Basically, every method that one would expect is offered by most Filipino trading brokers. However, the most commonly used methods among these brokers are e-wallets. This is largely due to the high number of unbanked people in South East Asia. Depositing and withdrawing funds through e-wallets is the most available and easiest banking solution for many in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

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