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The Lithuanian language is a Baltic language of the Baltic region and is the official language of Lithuania, as well as one of the official languages of the European Union. It is also a recognize minority language in Poland. The language is spoken by around 3.1 million people with 2.9 million of them being native speakers. While this is a rather small number of Lithuanian speakers, there are still some trading brokerages offering services in the Lithuanian language. However, they are few and far between, and many of the brokerages offering services in the Lithuanian language simply offer it in addition to the main languages offered.

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Commonly Accepted Currencies

Lithuanian speaking trading brokerages who are based out of Lithuania or primarily service Lithuanians will support Lithuanian litas (LTL) as a depository currency for trading on their platform. However, very few brokerages support this currency except for a select few niche brokerages based in Lithuania. The majority of Lithuanian speaking trading brokerages offer their services throughout the whole of Europe and therefore primary support deposits in the Euro (EUR) currency. Some additional currencies that might be offered are the US Dollar (USD) or the UK Pound (GBD).

Serviced Countries

Lithuanian speaking brokers are generally based in Lithuania, as it is the official language of the country and most of the Lithuanian speaking people reside here. The majority of Lithuanian speaking brokerages may be based in Lithuania, but they tend to service traders throughout Europe as well, because Lithuania is such a small country with a small population. Also, it is a part of the European Union, therefore brokers can legally service other countries within the EU. Another country in which Lithuanian speaking brokerages primarily service is Poland, for there is a larger Lithuanian speaking population there than the rest of Europe. To see whether your country is accepted by a Lithuanian speaking brokerage, simply navigate to the registration page.

Multilingual Trading

The majority of Lithuanian speaking trading brokerages are multilingual, meaning they offer their services in multiple languages. They are multilingual because only a small percentage of the population speak Lithuanian, and they must market themselves to a larger crowd. The most commonly supported languages of these brokers include English, Estonian, Latvian, German, Spanish, French and other common languages spoken throughout Europe. To determine whether a brokerage supports your language or not, simply navigate to the flag icon or languages tab in the top right corner. Here, there is usually a list of supported languages.

Banking Options

Lithuanian speaking trading brokerages generally offer a myriad of depositing and withdrawal options because they accept traders from a variety of countries within the EU. Some common deposit and withdrawal methods include various e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, cheques, bank transfers, international wire transfers, and other wire transfer methods. The banking/payment methods available will usually be listed on the FAQ page or deposits and withdrawals page of the broker’s website. Something to consider when choosing a Lithuanian speaking broker are the associated fees for deposits and withdrawals. In some cases these fees can vary greatly.

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