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The Serbian language is the official language of Serbia and it’s derived from the dialect of Serbo-Croatian. It is apart of the indo-European language family and spoken by around 12 million people from an array of countries, primarily in Eastern Europe. To accommodate the Serbian speaking population, there are a number of online trading brokerages supporting the Serbian language. For the most part, these trading brokerages are located in Eastern Europe and support more than just the Serbian language. In fact, the Serbian language is generally offered as a secondary language by the broker, however, brokerages located in Serbia do offer it as their first language and primarily service the 7 million Serbians living there.

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Commonly Accepted Currencies

Trading brokerages who primarily service Serbians traders will support the Serbian Dinar (RSD). However, almost always, these brokerages will accept other currencies as well. The Serbian speaking demographic is spread out throughout Eastern Europe, so it is common for brokerages to accept and support a variety of currencies. For instance, the Euro is commonly accepted, even though Serbia is not apart of the EU. Other commonly accepted currencies include Czech Koruna, the Croatian Kuna, and others. To find out if your currency is accepted by a Serbian speaking broker, simply navigate to the FAQ page and see if it’s mentioned there or go to the deposits and withdrawals page.

Serviced Countries

Generally, Serbian speaking brokers will accept traders from countries within Europe and the rest of the world for the Serbian speaking population is fairly spread out. However, the most commonly accepted countries include Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. In these countries, Serbian is either an official or a recognized language. Other commonly accepted countries with Serbian traders include Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. To see whether your country is accepted by a Serbian speaking broker, navigate to the registration page and proceed to register. Alternatively, the brokerage will sometimes state their accepted countries in the footer of their website.

Multilingual Trading

More often than not, Serbian speaking trading brokers are multilingual. Serbia is a small country and the population is only around 7 million. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Serbian speaking people to speak multiple languages. As well, Serbian speaking brokers often offer their services in numerous countries in which Serbian is not the primary language. Therefore, some of the most commonly supported languages by Serbian speaking brokers are English, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek,Romanian, and others. To see whether your language is supported by a Serbian speaking broker, look to the top right of the screen and select the language drop down menu. Usually it is shown by a flag or the language name.

Banking Options

Most Serbian speaking trading brokers support the same standard deposit and withdrawal methods. For instance, they support debit cards, credit cards, a variety of e-wallets, and wire transfers. Traders can find the brokers banking options in the deposits and withdrawals section of their website. Alternatively, banking options will usually be listed in the FAQ section of the website.

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