Bitcoin Code Review – Let’s look closer at Bitcoin Code


As we watch people living lavish lifestyles who at one time were struggling to find their next meal, we ask how they did it.

Bitcoin, we are told.

So naturally, the rest of us want to get our cut of the cryptocurrency pie. And when humans begin that thought process, many scammers come out of the wood-work.

So, I discovered an auto-trading system that claims substantial profits and I wanted to delve deeper to see if this was legit or a scam. The system is called Bitcoin Code that was developed by a Steve McKay.

Let’s look closer at Bitcoin Code.

Using the software

Here is my first area of concern… I tried desperately to find just how the software worked. And if I had any control over the software.

To use the software, the system simply has you create an account, deposit money in an affiliated broker and turn your account to auto-trade.

You have no control over the settings and we have no clue what, if any indicators the system uses.

I guess we could say that using the software is easy, and so is losing your hard earned money.


There is no cost to open an account at Bitcoin Code. You will have to deposit with the broker you chose to use the software.

Most brokers have a minimum deposit of $250.

Customer Service

Customer service?

What is that?

That is probably what someone at Bitcoin Code would say if we could find any way of contacting them. No live chat and when you scroll down to the footer where there is a contact page usually, you see a bunch of what should be links:

  • terms
  • privacy policy
  • support
  • etc…

Just try clicking any of those and you will get… Nothing!

No, Bitcoin Code has no customer service.


Let me think about this… Pros run fast from Bitcoin Code.


I believe the best way to say this is… Bitcoin Code is one huge con… A scam.


Normally, I am quite careful of accusing a system to be a scam… But every sign in the world says that Steve McKay’s Bitcoin Code is a full-fledged scam.

As a matter of fact, I did some image searches of the images of Steve and other testimonials, Each and every image is a stock photo.

It is a scam to take your money. If you deposit money in this system… with the broker, the odds are high your account will be depleted within a very short time.

There are much better auto-trading systems that give you more control.

Review our website to find one that is safe and secure.

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