Building Australia Brick By Brick

It is the first of its kind and the features are getting even brighter… BrickX is an innovative investment platform that is allowing anyone to invest in building Australia.


As the title says, Brick by Brick.

You see, you can invest in property being erected all over our great continent by investing in bricks. And this can be done in 1 of 2 ways. I will explain, but first let me tell you about BrickX

About BrickX

Markus Kahlbetzer founded BrickX in 2014 with the idea of giving normal people the ability to invest in real estate with small amounts of their hard earned money.

The way it works is, investors can invest and transact portions of properties which are represented in units called Bricks.

You do this by viewing properties and purchase Bricks in those properties. The platform is designed to allow you to both buy and sell Bricks. And BrickX simply charges a fee of 1.75% whenever Bricks are bought or sold.

The BrickX investment system has become quite popular across Australia. It has given many people the method to build a savings to build their own property. And for others, they invest to pay children’s tuition at higher learning or to just have a savings for retirement.

No matter your reason, BrickX is an excellent opportunity to grow a real estate investment portfolio without putting out a lot of up-front cash… One brick at a time.


CEO of BrickX, Anthony Millet, recently announced some a new feature that will attract even more Brick investors.

It seems that many would be investors were intimidated searching through the various properties not knowing the safest investments.

So, BrickX just announced Smart Invest. In doing so, the minimum deposit was raised to $250, but that is small in comparison to the ROI you can see.

While you can still pick and choose the properties you want to buy Bricks in with Build My Own, with Smart Invest, you just set a monthly amount that will be invested automatically for you using the CoreLogic Home Value Index. And, once you have $500 invested, your portfolio will go into automatic diversification across different properties.

This is an excellent way to invest without the stress of deciding.

Another Change

Always evolving, BrickX also changed how your dashboard reflects your portfolio valuation. They did so to give medium to long term investors a better idea of how far up their investment can go.

The dashboard now reflects Brick Value instead of Low Brick price which was only useful for those selling their Bricks.


If you have been investing for any time at all, you should know that investing in real estate is an absolute must in your portfolio. But so many couldn’t because of the high amount of money involved in doing so. But with BrickX, you can do it one brick at a time.

I highly recommend BrickX to get you “rolling” in real estate investing. You can click their link below to start your Brick buying experience.

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BrickX is an innovative and revolutionary property investment platform that makes investing in properties accessible and more affordable for investors in Australia. The company was founded in 2014 with its headquarters located at Level 10, 17-19 Bridge Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia. Since BrickX was established, the financial services company has grown tremendously and has gained numerous Australian investors who were looking to break in to the investment […]

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