Buy Coins Now At Cointree

Now you can buy cryptocurrency directly from your Cointree dashboard!

Trading is now easier and faster at this magnificent cryptocurrency exchange.

About Cointree

Registered in Melbourne, Australia, Cointree is a rather new crypto exchange that is known for having a highly safe and secure system for trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Also, Cointree’s rates of exchange are quite competitive.

But, traders were getting frustrated because the system was set up where they would send funds to Cointree and administrators at the exchange would do the buying. This made the process slow and some trades would not be able to be executed.

Seeing this issue, Cointree has been working day and night to alleviate the frustrations. Many more features are in the works, but now you CAN buy Bitcoin in real time directly from the Cointree dashboard.

Plus, Cointree made limits higher… They now have a daily purchase limit of $8,000 and, a weekly limit of $20,000 (actual limits vary per customer).

Lower Fees

And to add to the positive, Cointree has lowered fees…

For cryptocurrency buys or sells, the fee is 0.9%

If you are trading coin for coin, the fees are 0.25%

More Coins

Last but not least, Cointree has added a wide variety of coins to their trading portfolio…

  • Qtum – QTUM
  • Ripple – XRP
  • Ontology – ONT
  • Dash – DASH
  • Ethereum Classic – ETC
  • Litecoin – LTC
  • NEM – XEM
  • Cardano – ADA
  • Monero – XMR
  • and NEO – NEO


So with all these added features and more on the way, Cointree just may be the best exchange to help you earn profits off cryptocurrency trading.

Creating an account is simple. Just click the link at the end of this article, follow the directions at the Cointree website and you will be on your way to trading crypto the Cointree way.

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Cointree is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that provides a fast and easy method for the buying and selling Bitcoin in Australia. The exchange is registered in Melbourne, Australia and hopes to become regulated there in the near future. CoinTree differs from most other exchanges because users send money to CoinTree and the administration does the actual buying of Bitcoin for you, then transfers the Bitcoin to your personal wallet address […]

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