Affiliate Programs

The Affiliate Programs directory lists all investing affiliate programs that operate the promotion of brokers. We have personally rated and reviewed each affiliate program so other affiliates now have the ability to join now and spread the word of investing online.

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What are Finance Affiliate Programs?

Finance Affiliate Programs are marketing businesses that promote various brokers and other investing services around the world.

Affiliate marketing rewards affiliates for each customer they refer which most affiliate programs depend on to bring new customer in addition to there own marketing efforts.

Affiliates tend to choose brokers based on profitability of promoting them along with the trustworthiness and reputation of the company. Affiliates are a crucial medium for mediation between unsatisfied traders and their broker.

It is the goal of to promote the best brokers and weed out the bad operators in the industry.

What are the commission arrangements?

Affiliates commonly earn commission based on the performance or profit that is generated by referring customers. Commission can be calculated a number of ways:

Revenue Share – This is calculated as a percentage of the revenue generated from the generated profits of referred customers

CPA – This is a one time up-front fixed fee awarded for each referred new depositing customer

Some affiliate program will carryover over negative balances or commonly known as “negative carryover” which means that an affiliates commission balance if negative is transferred to the next month until it becomes a positive balance. This can occur if the affiliates traders are winning traders which makes the broker payout so the affiliate must share in paying out the referred customers. I advise affiliates to look for no negative carryover affiliate programs which means you start afresh every month.

Some affiliate programs have a negative carryover policy, meaning that the negative balance in your affiliate program is transferred to the following month or months until it is zeroed out. We advise all affiliates to look for no negative carryover programs and start “fresh” each month.

Also there are affiliate programs that can represent more than one brand and exercise “bundling” which means that all referred customers and their generated earnings are grouped under one umbrella. The best option is to choose affiliate programs with no bundling policy.

What is a sub-affiliate?

Affiliates can also receive additional commissions by referring other affiliates commonly known as sub-affiliate deals. Affiliate will commission based on the commission generated by the affiliates they refer.