Broker Promotion News

In a marketing effort to grab attention to their services, many brokers covering binary options, Forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and more run various promotions. But unless you are in the right place at the right time, knowing about these promotions can be quite difficult…

Until now!

Here at Investing Online, we have a team keeping track of broker promotions we are sure will interest you.

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Keep Track Of New Offers

Nearly daily, brokers are providing traders with offers to entice them into trying out their trading platform. Many of these promotional offers don’t even require a deposit. You just simply create an account and you could win real money or prizes by trading in the broker’s demo account.

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Enter Competitions And Prize Draws

There are winners all the time in various competitions and prize drawings that brokers are offering online.

It could be a cash prize as a result of being the trader with the biggest profit over a set amount of time or just a simple raffle for prizes like iPads, trips or cash.

Some of the most recent competitions and prize drawings we have reported on are:

Be sure and read our articles about these competitions and prize draws, as we will tell you the rules and eligibility requirements so you can try your luck.

Meet New Brokers

New brokers want to get recognized. They have found one of the best ways to do so is to run contests and promotions.

Maybe you are satisfied with your current broker, but it is always wise to know your other options. The best way to meet and get to know if any new brokers could possibly become your favorite is by participating in their contests and/or promotions, trying out their trading platform and seeing how the system works.

Don’t discount new brokers until you see what they have to offer.

We do our best to give you as much information as we possibly can here at Investing Online, but entering broker promotions is the best way to learn first hand.