CoinJar Has Added Zcash

Founded back in 2013, CoinJar is a leader in Australia for Bitcoin trading, hodling and spending.

And not only Australia, CoinJar recently moved their headquarters to London and they have been recognized as the international source for cost efficient and secure cryptocurrency transactions.

CoinJar has just announced another great feature that will expand their client base…


CoinJar has added Zcash (ZEC) as another crypto altcoin you can use to trade, save, or spend.

Zcash is loved because of the complete anonymity in that, there are no knowledge proofs since the Zcash blockchain validates transactions without disclosing the data within.

So what all can you do with Zcash through CoinJar?

You have many things you can do with Zcash:

  • Buy and sell ZEC with fiat money
  • Trade ZEC against fiat money and BTC using CoinJar Exchange
  • Pay BPAY bills using ZEC
  • Receive ZEC from external addresses and other CoinJar customers
  • Send ZEC to external addresses and other CoinJar customers
  • Spend ZEC using CoinJar Swipe, cryptocurrency EFTPOS card
  • Hedge ZEC to AUD, GBP, EUR & USD using Hedged Accounts

So for those who are looking for ways to use their Zcash altcoins, CoinJar is the company you are searching for.

About CoinJar

Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou founded CoinJar which was backed by Angel Investors, AngelCube and Blackbird Ventures.

Users have nothing but positives to say about the CoinJar platform. Opening a free account at CoinJar is similar to opening a bank account.

Once you have an account, the purchasing of cryptocurrency is seamless and fast. Plus having the ability to hedge your crypto against major fiat currencies takes away the volatility stress that cryptocurrency carries

CoinJar has been slow and meticulous in adding other crypto coins because they are adamant about security. Ensuring that all users accounts are safe and highly secure has been CoinJar’s top priority.


As time moves forward, we will see CoinJar adding other altcoins.

This is a high quality company that is fair, safe and competent in all their business affairs.

We highly recommend CoinJar and yes, even United States clients are welcome.

You can create a free CoinJar account by clicking their link below.

Have a great day!

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