A Review Of Crypterium – The Cryptobank


Crypterium is deemed to be the cryptobank of the world. This ICO has a unique perspective that is bound to set the world’s financial systems in disarray. The idea is that anyone can create a crypto account at Crypterium and buy, sell and even gain interest on the cryptocurrency that they have deposited in this system.

Being an ICO, Crypterium has raised funds to bootstrap their system. Those who have donated either Bitcoin or cash have received CRPT tokens that are internal currency allowing investors to manage various aspects in their Crypterium account.

The goal of Crypterium?

Replace banks humans use. And this is causing quite a stir in the world banking system.

Using the service

Crypterium has a full range of uses… Much like any normal bank but, you have access to worldwide integration. Will your bank allow you to serve someone in Africa, Russia or other countries? Crypterium will.

With plans of having the lowest exchange rates, Crypterium will give all the services a normal bank will:

  • loans
  • interest on crypto savings
  • ultra-fast transaction speeds
  • mobile services
  • loyalty rewards
  • and much more

And you can attain internal CRPT tokens that can be exchanged for Bitcoin.


While there is no cost to create an account at Crypterium, it does pay to purchase internal CRPT tokens.

Tokens are approximately .0001 Bitcoin. And to raise funds, Crypterium had an initial token sale which is now complete. So tokens must now be purchased from owners and tokens are integrated into the Ethereum blockchain.

Customer Service

The Crypterium customer service is top-notch. The administration developed a fantastic FAQs page that can answer most questions and concerns. But, if you do not find an answer there, they also have a live customer service chat system.

Plus, in the footer section of the website is an email contact and all the social pages they have.

Customer care is a priority with Crypterium.


Here are the pros as we see it with Crypterium:

  • Raised $9,000,000 in 3 days, so experts believe in the ICO.
  • Open API for developers.
  • Mobile banking.
  • Integrating payment solutions in both cryptocurrency and fiat money.
  • Partnered with BitGo, Bancor, Blockchain Law Group, and ICOBox.


And the cons:

  • 4 founders which could cause dissension.
  • Awaiting release of the platform.


Overall, Crypterium has a viable place in blockchain technology.

Many competitors are on the rise, so Crypterium needs to market their differences.

It does seem overwhelming when you look at their website and all the goals the team has.

What does that mean for us? Personally, I believe they have a solid foundation and are bound to have success. But, I have been wrong before.

We will keep a close eye on the Crypterium project.

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