An Extraordinary Bonus For Exotic Trading

It’s one great deal at KontoFX… You simply create an account, deposit some funds, trade in exotic cryptocurrencies and get a 15% bonus.

When I say exotic cryptocurrencies, I speak of those lesser known coins. Crypto like:

  • Stellar,
  • Siacoin,
  • Neo,
  • Verge,
  • Cardano,
  • Iota,
  • Monero
  • and Tether

And best yet, you are not actually buying the coin, you are purchasing CFD’s (Contracts For Difference) and “pitting” the coin against a fiat currency such as the Euro or American dollar.

And did I mention, you can get leverage of 1 to 200.

About KontoFX

KontoFX is a brand new CFD cryptocurrency broker. Started in June of 2018, KontoFX is owned by NTMT Transformatic Markets OU in Estonia and operated by Northside Business Centers in Hungary.

While not yet licensed, KontoFX does have a great web based trading platform that offers many charts and technical indicators.

The cryptocurrencies available to trade at KontoFX are:

• Bitcoin (BTC)
• Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
• Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
• Litecoin (LTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
• Ethereum Classic (ETC)
• Dash (DASH)
• Ripple (XRP)
• Iota (IOTA)
• Stellar (XLM)
• Tether (USDT)
• Verge (XVG)
• Siacoin (SIC)
• Cardano (ADA)
• Neo (NEO)
Monero (XMR)


I do want to mention that KontoFX does not tell us much about their fee structures. They do have floating spreads which is one way they win. We also assume they probably charge withdrawal/deposit fees.

With all that said, it just may be worth “getting your feet wet” with Crypto CFD trading at KontoFX.

Trade exotic and get that 15% bonus.

And do be sure and come back here and give a rating on KontoFX. We look forward to your opinion.

Now, go exotic!

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KontoFX is an online cryptocurrency CFD trading brokerage that provides all the tools a trader needs to trade on the digital asset markets. KontoFX differs from cryptocurrency exchanges as their traders never actually buy or sell crypto assets but rather buy and sell contracts for difference (CFDs) on certain crypto assets.

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