Free Trading Until August

We all love that magical word free don’t we?

Well, I just found out where you can trade free until August if you open an account by July 15th. What’s more, the broker offering this fantastic deal has a superb reputation.

TradeStation is a seasoned broker who began in 1982 as a trading software company. You see, Bill and Rafael Cruz were futures traders and created a way to test, optimize and automate their own custom trading strategies.

These men developed an excellent set of tools that traders everywhere found useful and exciting. So the men started the company that has grown substantially around their fabulous software and now you can trade securities and futures within TradeStation’s proprietary platform that allows you to utilize the tools the Cruz brothers designed.

Year after year, Barron’s has given TradeStation top rankings.

TradeStation Headquarters

TradeStation operates worldwide, but the main headquarters are in New York City. The company is now owned by the Japanese Monex Group and TradeStation has various offices around the world.

Safe And Secure

TradeStation is a member of the

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE),
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA),
  • Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC),
  • Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC),
  • Options Clearing Corporation (OCC),
  • National Futures Association (NFA),
  • Boston Options Exchange,
  • Chicago Board Options Exchange,
  • Chicago Stock Exchange,
  • International Securities Exchange
  • and NASDAQ OMX.

The broker is also licensed and regulated by the FSA in the United Kingdom as well as others.

Fair Commissions And Tight Spreads

The commission structure at TradeStation is quite fair. In the United States, these are the costs:


• Tight spreads as low as 0.1 PIP
• 0.9 basis points
• $2.00 USD minimum per order


• $0.007 USD per CFD
• $1.50 USD minimum per order
• 0.0075% per trader on US 500 Index CFDs


• $0.007 USD per share
• $1.5 USD minimum order


• $1.50 USD per contract
• $1.75 USD per contract

Try Them Free Til August

TradeStation is so confident that you will be in love with their trading system that they are offering the great promotion of – Open An Account By July 15th and pay no commissions until August.

What a great way to try it!

Plus on top of that, TradeStation offers commission free trading for all military and first responders.

Go Check TradeStation out…

This is a great promotion so I highly recommend you go over to TradeStation and check it out… You can travel over down below.

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TradeStation online trading brokerage is of top quality. The brokerage is primarily focused on servicing professional and institutional traders, but beginner and intermediate traders will find their services sufficient as well.

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