Get 5 Free Trades

If you have sought a trading brokerage that is safe and secure, plus fair, you just may want to check out SelfWealth.

At this time, SelfWealth is offering a referral program that allows both the referrer and referral a way to get 5 free trades.

Before I tell you how you and someone else can get 5 free trades, let me tell you about SelfWealth.

About SelfWealth

Headquartered in Victoria, Australia, SelfWealth was started in 2012. SelfWealth is an award winning broker who is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission as well as holding a license from the Australian Financial Services.

The primary feature of SelfWealth is their innovative social system that allows investors the ability to compare investment strategies of other SelfWealth members.

There are no commissions and SelfWealth just simply charges $9.50 for every trade no matter the size.

SelfWealth uses a proprietary trading platform that is also available in mobile applications. The platform allows traders to analyze reports to show historical data on assets they are considering investing in.

The trader dashboard shows performance, daily earnings, and their top stocks.

Assets You Can Trade In On SelfWealth

Being an Australian broker, assets compose of

  • Normal stock shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • Australian listed property shares
  • Australian listed company shares
  • Also, Australian listed debt securities
  • And Australian ETF’s

How To Get 5 Free Trades

It is simple… You join SelfWealth by creating an application. You will find a link to their website at the end of this post.

Now once you have an account, just use the referral link provided on your account page to invite your friends. Each friend that joins though your link will get you 5 free trades and that person 5 free trades.

What’s more, there is no limit to the amount of people you can refer.

So with many referrals, you could have many free trades at SelfWealth.


For those of you investing in Australian assets, SelfWealth is a great, award winning broker. You can see a more detailed review of this safe broker below.

And, if you have any questions or concerns, SelfWealth customer service is top rated.

Mentioned in this article

The SelfWealth online trading brokerage is an excellent trading solution for beginner to intermediate traders. They provide a comprehensive portfolio management system which allows users to better understand their investments, risks, earnings, and opportunities.

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