Nasgo Review – Decentralized System For All


An ICO, or Global Offering, with input from both American and Chinese investors, Nasgo is poised to throw a wrench in centralized services that are costing more and more for individuals as well as small and large businesses.

Offering a wide range of possibilities for all, the Nasgo Mainnet has now gone live. But this ICO is still allowing investors to jump in and purchase Nasgo internal tokens called NSG that will surely grow in value quickly.

According to Nasgo, these tokens can be used to manage your Nasgo developments and creations to grow your customer base and perform tasks that have been costly and time consuming.

Using the service

The main idea with the Nasgo Mainnet is to give the user a control system whereas you use a decentralized cloud server where you can put your website and products or services in front of a world stage. Even in countries where your I.P. is blocked, it can now be viewed. Much like a costly VPN, but now you have it along with other benefits through Nasgo.

Plus, you have the ability to build all the decentralized applications right through the system. These are known as Dapps.

Nasgo also can let you set up payment gateways that will work anywhere in the world.

Plus, if you have developed Dapps and another Nasgo user may be interested in the same or similar Dapp, you can sell or rent for NSG (Nasgo tokens)

The possibilities are essentially endless.


Now naturally, to work with the Nasgo Mainnet, you will need to purchase NSG.

There is no cost to download the Nasgo Mainnet and get a sneak peek into the open source system the developers used to create this all in one system.

And while investing in Nasgo has been offered to a select few, it is my understanding that if you feel a desire to invest in this Global Offering, there is still a possibility to do so. You would have to visit the Nasgo Facebook page and request a referral code to have that opportunity.

And since there is a finite amount of NSG that users of Nasgo will need, their value is going to grow substantially as Dapps are created.

Customer Service

This is the one area that I think the Nasgo staff needs to work with. And after speaking with a developer, a newer version of the Nasgo is soon to be released which will have more customer service contact information.

Do know that the Nasgo Facebook page is where you can visit to ask questions and receive immediate answers.

I have to give it to the staff of Nasgo for answering my questions in a quick fashion.


Here are the pros as we see it with Nasgo:

  • Chinese and American collaboration to create a system to decentralize and leave governments out
  • Easy to use
  • No coding required to create Dapps


And the cons:

  • Need to be more customer service possibilities, but I was also told that a new version of the website is soon to be released that will show these contact methods. Keep in mind you can go to the Nasgo Facebook page or contact [email protected]


The developers of Nasgo used open source coding from multiple other blockchain systems and made the code better and stronger.

And, that is why open source is such a great thing. It is entrepreneurs allowing other entrepreneurs to better the system for the good of the world as a whole.

Just consider the fact that you could now sell your services or products in countries where you once was blocked… Because you could use a VPN to view websites from those countries but unless they used a VPN, the citizens of that country could not see your website.

With a decentralized cloud server built right in the Nasgo Mainnet, now you have amazing possibilities.

My opinion is, Nasgo has a good thing going and it just may be an excellent ICO to invest in. But the Nasgo system has already been funded and the Mainnet is now operational.

I highly recommend creating an account and seeing just how you can use the easy Nasgo blockchain system to enliven your business.

We will keep you updated as to new developments with Nasgo.

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