Nedscoin Review – Sportsbook Hits The Blockchain


It only makes good sense that management of sports wagering would be done through blockchain technology. And Neds has jumped quickly realizing blockchain is the best way to run a successful sportsbook operation.

Headquartered in Australia where wagering on sports is huge, Neds began in October of 2017. Led by a master in the industry, Dean Shannon, Neds began grabbing a huge share of the wagering revenues in the land “down under.”

Seeing a way to expand even further, Dean and his team decided to develop a token that could be used internally for members. They started the ICO Nedscoin that allows people like you and me to purchase Nedscoin and earn a share of the turnover of the Neds sportsbooks.

Using the service

The Nedscoin ICO works on a simple process. You simply purchase at least 10,000 Nedscoins and since they are a sidechain of Ethereum, you keep them in an Ethereum compatible wallet. Each quarter, you will share in the turnover of all Neds sportsbook brands. That would be .25%, so as the Neds brand grows, so does your quarterly payment.

Keep in mind that Neds had a turnover of $233,000,000 in its first 3 months of operation. .25% of that is $582,500 which you could have had a share of.


To invest in this ICO and collect your share of the quarterly revenues, you need to buy at least 10,000 Nedscoins. Nedscoins are valued at 10 cents each, so your investment would be a minimum of $1,000.

And while many say that ICO investment is risky, consider how big sports wagering is.

Being run by a highly competent team, I believe Nedscoin will be a profitable investment.

Customer Service

The Nedscoin team knows that questions are inevitable. They have several ways to contact them… You can find a simple form on their contact page, along with 2 email addresses.

Plus, in the footer area of the Nedscoin website, you will find links to their social media pages where they will answer any, and all questions on a timely basis.


Here are the pros as we see it with Nedscoin:

  • Sports wagering is a huge business and a small investment to get your cut of the pie.
  • Highly transparent.
  • An experienced and competent team running this ICO.
  • Launched in Australia and expanding soon to the UK, Africa and other zones.
  • Licensed and regulated.
  • Accepts AUD, BTC and ETH to buy in.
  • Pays out in fiat money each quarter.


And the cons:

  • Neds itself is still quite new.
  • Sports wagering has a lot of competition.


Overall, Dean Shannon, Paul Cherry and the rest of the Neds team has made a wise move. I believe they will take the Australian gambling market in a huge way, as well as other European areas by having an internal coin to “play” with.

My only concern is the regulations that have been coming forth on ICOs. But in reviewing the dynamics of Nedscoin, I believe they have met all legalities and are prepared to weather any regulatory storms.

When I look at the experience behind this team, I can only say that investing in Nedscoin will most likely turn into a virtual cash machine for the investor.

We will keep you up to date on movements of this ICO.

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