Taking Advantage Of MassInsights™ Technology

While the majority of brokers offer various charts and graphs to help you make informed trading decisions, UFX has trademarked a proprietary technology that brings everything you need into one system…

MassInsights™ Technology

I just know this is a technological breakthrough you will want to test.

About UFX

UFX is a brand owned and operated by Reliantco Investments LTD and was founded in 2007. Reliantco is licensed and regulated by CySEC and UFX is headquartered in Vanuatu and is oversaw by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

UFX has several trading platforms with the most popular being the MetaTrader 4 and investors can trade in

What Is MassInsights™ Technology?

No more opening various tabs to research every graph and chart! It is all available right in one location… You get:

Trending and Turnaround – No when there is huge buy or sell activity on any particular asset and see abrupt changes (turnaround) in real time.

Volatility Spotted Meter – When the system detects rapid buy or sell, the system will warn with Volatility Spotted.

Increase In Openings – When more traders than usual decide to open trading positions on a specific asset you will receive this message.

Volume Growth – When trading volume is higher than average, you will receive this announcement.

Going Up or Down – An easy to read announcement of asset movement.

Economic Events Notifications – W#hen an important event is soon to occur, Mass Insights will display it.

And Market News – The system will also notify you of current market news you will want to know.


This is a welcome technology for traders of all levels. It lowers stress levels having all the information you need in one easy place.

I highly recommend you zoom over to UFX and check out the MassInsights Technology.

Let us know what you think and if it makes your trading methods easier.

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