Where Fair Is The Only Acceptable Way

It is common for traders to wonder if they are being treated fairly.

  • Are orders delayed or is there manipulation tactics being used?
  • Do brokers reject some trades on purpose for their own benefit?
  • Are there “side deals” being made?
  • Is the broker hedging your trades or even trading against you?
  • Is the broker assessing hidden fees or commissions?
  • Does the broker disallow certain tools, strategies and trading practices that are legal?

Why would investors even think unfair conditions?

Because it has happened, will happen and is occurring as I write this article. The fact of the matter is, there are unscrupulous brokers. I will say that the majority are not licensed or regulated, but there are even those who are, and practice some unfair tactics.

All brokers should practice Fair Trading Rights

You haven’t heard of Fair Trading Rights?

It is a concept used by a world class broker, FxGrow.

I will explain more about Fair Trading Rights but first, let me tell you about FxGrow.

About FxGrow

Started in 2012, FxGrow is owned and operated by Growell Capital. The broker has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus and also has offices in the United Kingdom and in Poland.

As their brokerage name implies, FxGrow had its start as a fantastic Forex broker, but has since added CFD trading on a huge range of assets.

FxGrow is licensed and regulated by the top system in the world… CySEC. And also, being a Cyprus owned company, they are members of the Investor Compensation Fund. This membership provides clients with an insurance compensation of up to 20,000 Euros in the event of fraudulent activity or insolvency.

FxGrow is adamant about Fair Trading Rights and traders will feel a sense of relief knowing this.

What Are These Fair Trading Rights?

FxGrow gives these rights to all account holders:

Straight Through Processing (STP) – Every order is processed at lightening speed. There is no delay or manipulation. You won’t have rejections or re-quotes.

All Strategies Are Welcome – Are you a hedger, scalper or do you seek expert adviser knowledge? FxGrow welcomes any and all. FxGrow wins when you win.

No Dealing Desks – FxGrow says an absolute no to the operation of a dealing desk. You will not have the broker operating a system that is working against you.

Raw Spreads – Spreads start as low as .0001 which takes your trading costs down to the minimum, allowing you to generate profits. Plus you will not find any hidden fees or commissions.

No Conflicts Of Interest – According to the Fair Trading Rights issued by FxGrow, FxGrow will never trade against you or hedge your trades. We only work towards providing our clients with the ultimate trading environment, so that you as an investor can achieve your trading goals.


I think all brokers should institute Fair Trading Rights.

Will it happen? I doubt it but by making it a staple of how FxGrow operates, I would say they will become the top broker for many Forex and CFD investors.

Fair is the only acceptable way at FxGrow!

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