Online Financial Charts

One of the most important facets of successfully trading and investing in any market is to understand how to read and analyze various financial charts. The reading and understanding of financial charts is of such vital importance to understanding the markets, identifying trends, establishing buy in and sell prices, and so much more. Financial charts are truly a fundamental aspect and key feature for conducting technical analysis. Without financial charts there would be no way to visualize the movement of the markets and identify trends and opportunities. Traders would only have data and numbers to work with for conducting technical analysis, and it would be much harder to piece things together. While the data and numbers are very important, helpful and are used by traders for technical analysis, nearly everyone seems to agree that this information represented in a financial chart is the best method for conducting technical analysis.

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It’s amazing how much data and information can be packed into a single financial chart for traders and investors to visually analyze and work with. However, sometimes the simplest of financial charts are the only ones necessary to gain a better and deeper understanding of the asset or market the chart represents. For instance, on this page you can view multiple chart types which can be sorted via the following criteria; Price, Name, 1 Day Percentage Change and Volume. See these sorting options for the various asset classes and chart types overviewed below.


Sorting the charts by price will list the highest priced asset classes first and descend from there. Alternatively, you can also click on the “price” sorting option again to view the lowest priced assets first and the highest priced assets last. The price sorting option is great for discovering a diverse range of asset classes.


The financial charts can also be sorted by name in alphabetical order either from A to Z or Z to A. This is especially helpful if you already know the name of the asset class you are searching for and would like to view their financial charts.

1 Day Percentage Change

The criteria of 1 day percentage change organizes the charts based on the asset in which has the largest price movement or percentage change in a day. This sorting option can be toggled to show the largest percentage change assets first and the lowest percentage change assets last, or vice versa. The percentage change sorting option is best used to find specific financial assets based on their level of volatility.


Viewers who wish to discover the most popular and liquid assets can use this sorting function to discover financial charts of different assets based on their level of volume. The charts listed are defaulted with the highest volume assets listed first and the lowest volume assets last. However, this can be reversed to view the lowest volume first and highest volume last by clicking the volume button again.

All in all, viewers have access to a very wide variety of financial charts in which they can easily select, and view based on the four sorting criteria mentioned above. These various chart types are available for your viewing across all of the markets including forex, stocks, crypto, bonds, IPOs, interest rates, commodities, and ETFs. All of the markets mentioned here have a diverse range of financial charts in which traders and investors use to analyze and understand market trends, entry and exit points, whether the asset is overbought or oversold, the volatility, level of risk, and so on and so forth. Overall, the Financial charts listed on this page provide a great deal of insight to traders and investors and are vital to the financial success of any investment or trade.

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