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The Lebanese forex markets are thriving as Lebanon is an integral country in West Asia and a major part of the Middle East. Therefore, Lebanon is highly diversified with more than 18 ethnicities making up the country. With such a large diversification in people, it can be difficult to govern and set up regulatory standards due to all the different values and beliefs. However, in regard to the financial markets in Lebanon, there is a regulatory authority which overseas the majority of financial businesses, operations, and markets in Lebanon. This regulatory authority is known as Banque Du Liban (BDL), which is the central bank of Lebanon.

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Introduction to BDL Regulation

The central bank of Lebanon or Banque Du Liban (BDL) was established in 1963 and is the primary financial regulator of the financial well being of Lebanon. While there are other regulatory authorities in Lebanon, the Banque Du Liban is by far the most important. The BDL’s primary responsibility and purpose is to ensure the country remains financially stable, the issuance of Lebanon’s national currency, the regulation of all businesses conducting money transfers, and to ensure the integrity of the banking sector in Lebanon. The latter responsibility is of the utmost importance because Lebanon is home to more than 100 different banks.

BDL Responsibilities

The Banque Du Liban has numerous responsibilities, perhaps many more than most other financial regulatory authorities. Therefore, the Banque Du Liban is of the utmost importance for the whole economy in Lebanon. See below, BDL’s most important responsibilities.
• The protection of Lebanon’s economy and monetary stability
• Ensuring the banking sector remains reliable
• The development integral financial markets and money
• The development and regulation of money transfer businesses
• The development and regulation payment system services and instruments
• The development and regulation of settlement procedures dealing with financial instruments and marketable bonds

How BDL Regulation protects you

It’s important for traders in Lebanon to choose a BDL regulated broker opposed to an unregulated broker. This is largely because regulated brokers are far safer than unregulated brokers. For instance, BDL regulated brokers follow and adhere to strict guidelines which have been established with the protection of the consumer in mind. The Banque Du Liban enforces these guidelines by law and is able to intervene to ensure the company is being compliant.

Guidelines for BDL Regulated Brokers

BDL regulated brokers must follow strict guidelines to maintain a free and transparent marketplace. All Forex brokers in Lebanon must be licenced and regulated by BDL. This means they must apply and pass the examination process for BDL licencing. All BDL regulated brokers are under constant supervision and must file periodic audit reports to ensure financial compliancy. Also, brokers are required to hold client funds in segregated bank accounts. As well, there are other guidelines to do with the services the broker provides, the fees and commissions, investment products, etc. All of which BDL brokers must follow.

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