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CBI Mission

CBI Mission Statement ‘Defending Stability, Protecting Consumers’ is at the core of all that CBI does and embodies the double needs for the Central Bank in conveying on its order.

CBI Vision

CBI focuses on being a free, straightforward and powerful association with a convincing, clear and testing vision of being respected by peers, trusted by the Public, and fulfilling workplace for Clients.

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The Mission and Vision of CBI are fundamental to the CBI Strategic Plan and illuminate both what CBI does (CBI Strategic Goals) and how CBI works (CBI Strategic Enablers), each of which are set out in the Strategic Plan of CBI. CBI Principles and Priority Behaviors characterize the organization culture and work hones.

CBI Principles

  • The Public Interest Power
  • Dispassionate and transparent Work
  • Regarding and Valuing Colleagues
  • Making a Progressive and Fulfilling Environment for Work
  • Empowering Constructive Challenge, Vigorous Debate, and Effective Risk Mitigation
  • Performance with accountability
  • Effective and Efficient Work
  • Teaming up and Working as a Team to Achieve CBI Goals

CBI Strategic Responsibilities and Enablers

The CBI’s essential targets have been set out in enactment. Its Strategic Responsibilities are adjusted to these goals.

Vital Enablers

The association of the Bank’s inside capacities is essential with a specific end goal to address an expansive and complex order. Inside a general setting of proficiency and viability, various basic variables have been distinguished which must be overseen at a vital level.

Individuals and Knowledge

As a learning-based association, the CBI needs to draw in, hold and create talented individuals and work together adequately through information sharing. To accomplish this, CBI tries to enlist, select, propel and build up its kin in a successful way, and offer a reward show which is justify based and appealing. CBI will proceed to create and bolster a learning society and guarantee that it is a satisfying work environment.

Data and Resources

CBI means to deal with its data, information and different assets viably and proficiently. Information, devices and abilities should be accessible, adjusted and streamlined to create compelling business knowledge and to convey on CBI order. In such manner, a far reaching information and data administration procedure will be created and executed. CBI’s movement to another head office at North Wall Quay has encouraged enhanced methods for working, cooperation and proficiency.

Correspondences and Accountability

CBI looks to convey and draw in effectively and report straightforwardly and straightforwardly on its execution. Viable correspondences bolster the conveyance of the Bank’s methodology through building trust and validity and by guaranteeing that it is receptive, open and receptive to partners. CBI is creating and widening its correspondence channels, including advanced media, keeping in mind the end goal to advance all the more effectively its part to interior, household and universal crowds, and upgrade its engagement with the general population and pertinent partners.

CBI Strategic Plan

For a more full clarification of CBI abnormal state objectives read CBI Strategic Plan 20162018.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Proficiency and cost adequacy will support every one of CBI operations. CBI will endeavor to have the general population, frameworks and structures set up to amplify CBI viability. Cost control inside CBI own particular operations and guaranteeing the ideal profit for the CBI’s speculation portfolio will be enter contemplations in CBI budgetary and arranging process. CBI operations will likewise be led inside very much characterized chance administration and control systems and in such manner, please observe CBI EHS Annual Report for 2015.

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