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Brief on FSC

The Financial Services Commission in Mauritius (“FSC”) is the incorporated controller for the non-banking financial administrations and the worldwide business. The FSC, which has been set up in 2001, is ordered under the Financial Services Act 2007 and has as empowering enactments the Securities Act 2005, the Insurance Act 2005 and the Private Pension Schemes Act 2012 to permit, direct, screen and regulate the lead of business exercises in these segments.

Our vision is to be a “globally perceived Financial Supervisor focused on the supported advancement of Mauritius as a sound and aggressive Financial Services Center”.

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Statutory Objectives of FSC

Solid direction and supervision are fundamental to guarantee strength in the financial framework. FSC’s goal is to position Mauritius as a locale of substance with the correct harmony amongst direction and business advancement. The modification of the authoritative structure in 2007 and the execution of the Risk-Based Supervision system, additionally strengthen the supervision of the financial administrations division, the constant audit of the enactments and the supervisory apparatuses guarantee arrangement with universal standards and norms.

The FSC is commanded under the Financial Services Act to:

  • Guarantee the systematic organization of the financial administrations and worldwide business exercises;
  • Guarantee the sound direct of business in the budgetary administrations area and in the worldwide business part;
  • Expound approaches which are coordinated to guarantee decency, effectiveness and straightforwardness of budgetary and capital markets in Mauritius;
  • Consider new roads for advancement in the monetary administrations part, to react to new difficulties and to take full favorable position of new open doors for accomplishing financial maintainability and employment creation;
  • Guarantee soundness and security of the financial framework in Mauritius; and work out destinations, approaches and needs for the advancement of the budgetary administrations area and worldwide business.

FSC’s center capacities

Direct and regulate

The FSC directs and regulates substances authorized as well as enrolled under its Enabling Laws.


The Financial Services (Consolidated Licensing and Fees) Rules 2008 apply to all substances authorized and directed by the FSC and go for streamlining the permitting procedure by giving a complete arrangement of authorizing criteria and necessities inside a very much characterized and merged structure.

Implement administrative and consistence prerequisites

The FSC requires the licensees therefrom to exhibit consistence with the prerequisites set out in the authoritative structure. Our enactment has throughout the years been united to strengthen our forces to relieve dangers while making an inventive business condition.

Strategy detailing

The FSC explains strategies which go for guaranteeing reasonableness, proficiency, straightforwardness and security of the monetary framework in Mauritius

Battle extortion and illegal tax avoidance

The FSC takes measures to counteract and address speculation business mishandle, advertise manhandle and budgetary misrepresentation in connection to any action led in the non-managing an account monetary administrations and worldwide business segment by actualizing an Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) system and sticking to universal standards and models

Advance improvement of the division

The FSC has the statutory commitment to advance improvement in the financial administrations division in order to react to new difficulties and accomplish monetary dependability. In this regard, the FSC esteems the commitment of the business and different partners.

Guarantee purchaser instruction and security

The FSC through its authoritative system guarantees the insurance of customers and financial specialists. The FSC elevates access to budgetary administrations through spread of financial data and attention to the advantages and dangers related with the monetary markets.

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