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FinanTick is an innovative trading software company that’s been developing top of the line software trading products since 2015. They now have their software implemented in 84 brands in 14 countries. FinanTick has a strong emphasis on cryptocurrency related trading platforms, but they started out developing options trading platforms, then forex platforms, and now cryptocurrency platforms. Upon in depth research on trader behavior, FinanTick realized what traders wanted and developed their platforms based on this. The trading platforms developed by FinanTick are very user friendly with a strong focus on their experience. The platform is designed to make the user feel as if the process of trading is simple, easy, and fun. Even new traders tend to feel like an expert upon trading on FinanTick’s trading platform. The trading platform’s front-end and back-end are entirely web-based, mobile friendly, user friendly, and accessible 24/7 on any desktop computer or mobile device via any web-browser. FinanTick develops trading software that’s accessible to everyone, everywhere, and makes them feel like a professional trader.

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FinanTick Platform & Features

FinanTick features not one but two trading platform solutions, one for cryptocurrency trading and one for forex trading. The crypto trading platform is their latest development and takes many of the unique features and aspects from the traditional forex platform and incorporates them into the crypto platform. This platform stands out from the majority of other crypto platforms by being very user friendly and packed with unique features. The crypto platform comes complete with a sophisticated CRM, automated assignments and rules, an advanced card processing system, crypto wallet accounts, and so much more.
The forex trading platform developed by FinanTick is again very user friendly and focuses on beginner traders while implementing some advanced features for experienced traders as well. However, the focus is clearly on beginners as the platform is highly simplified. Traders do not need to understand difficult concepts like leverage, margin and shorts, as all of this runs seamlessly in the background. The trading environment is simple and comfortable with a full dashboard, risk management, and statistical reporting available.
All in all, the two trading platforms are the same, they just utilize different features to suit the markets needs. One really interesting aspect which can be utilized in both platforms is the copy trading feature. Traders can view other traders and copy them with a simple click of a button. All the traders available to copy are ranked on a wall and have various statistics such as their success rate, number of won trades, followers, and more.

FinanTick Solutions

FinanTick offers trading brokerages a complete tun-key solution. They offer all the software needed to successfully run an online trading brokerage and provide excellent support for the implementation and integration of their product solutions. See below, the six turn-key solutions offered by FinanTick.
• A fully branded website
• Risk management solutions
• Advanced affiliate system
• Feature rich and user friendly trading platform
• Sophisticated back office
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


All in all, FinanTick offers sophisticated trading software solutions to online trading brokerages around the world. Their platform(s) are primarily geared towards beginner traders while supporting experienced traders with some advanced features as well. FinanTick offers a complete turn-key solution so brokerages can easily implement all the software offered by FinanTick quickly and easily.

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