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NinjaTrader is an award winning trading software provider who has been in the industry since 2003. The NinjaTrader brand is owned by NinjaTrader Group LLC and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States, with other head offices in Chicago, and Germany. The software company services more than 60,000 traders from over 150 countries around the world. Also, over 450 brokerages use their software and NinjaTrader has over 100 dedicated employees who bring their trading software to life. NinjaTrader has developed these impressive statistics by providing best-in-class software and technology, very low commissions, and phenomenal support. They’ve successfully spread their services and solutions to trading brokerages around the world and continue to innovate and provide phenomenal trading software, products, services and solutions.

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NinjaTrader Platform & Features

The NinjaTrader platform is top of the line and has won numerous awards for Futures, Forex, CFD’s and Stocks. There are many aspects and feature contributing to the NinjaTrader platform’s success, let’s delve into them below.

Advanced Charting

The charting package offered by NinjaTrader is highly advanced and packed with extensive tools and features. Traders have the ability to trade directly from the charts with one click trading and have access to everything they need for in-depth chart analysis. For instance, traders can utilize volume tic bars, an order flow market depth map, an order flow trade detector, and other order flow features to thoroughly analyze and visualize trading activity. The charting package allows for real-time analysis of hundreds of markets based on the traders predefined conditions. As well, they can use over 80 metrics to gain insights on their trading performance.

Customization & Addons

Brokerages using the NinjaTrader platform have endless customization options and can choose to implement thousands of 3rd party indicators, apps, and strategies to build a custom platform unique to their brand. The NinjaTrader platform uses a C# based trading framework which is easy to work with facilitates the customization of various aspects such as: balances and positions, orders and executions, real time and historical data, user interface, controls, indicators and more.


A very unique feature of the NinjaTrader platform is the ability to simulate your automated trading strategies on historical data to see how they perform. This is an important feature for experienced traders who want to test new concepts.


The NinjaTrader platform supports trading across all of the worlds markets including Futures, Forex, Options, CFD’s, Equities, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and more. The platform features a variety of interfaces which have been designed to provide fast and informed decisions in these markets.

Education & Training

NinjaTrader makes available a variety of interactive resources for both experienced and beginner traders. Brokerages can implement this material in their websites to competently train and educate their traders on the NinjaTrader platform. Some of the education and training resources offered by NinjaTrader include daily webinars, a video library, user community form, a YouTube channel, and numerous tutorials and informational articles.

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