O-SYSTEMS is a complete all in one online trading brokerage solution. The software company provides everything a brokerage needs to successfully run a competent and reliable online trading experience. O-Systems was founded in early 2015 by a Cyprus based company called O-Systems Ltd. Since then, the company has become known as a leading Forex/CFDs platforms and software provider company. The company is made up of an excellent and diversified team of experts in the programming and financial industries. O-Systems sole focus and goal is to provide brokerages with a wide range of comprehensive products and services that are needed to successfully operate an online trading brokerage.

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What does O-Systems Offer?

In order to provide brokerages with the best software and trading platform solutions, O-Systems covers a wide range of services and solutions. See the solutions and components O-Systems provides below.

Back Office – The O-Systems products and solutions provide brokerages with full control over their platform and full visibility to their customers activities and performance.

Risk Management – Their risk management solutions were designed by experienced dealers and trading managers. They provide peace of mind and security for the online trader customers.

Security – Traders and the brokers themselves are protected by maximum security protocols. All the software and platforms are installed and monitored to ensure security and privacy.

Complete Package – Online trading brokerages can get started with O-Systems software and services very quickly. They provide a selection of pre-designed brands that are intuitively designed and aesthetically pleasing. As well, they come complete with all the features one would expect from a leading online trading brokerage.

Integrated CRM – The customers of an online brokerage are of the utmost importance. O-SYSTEMS integrated CRM allows brokerages to easily manage their customers so that they can provide the best experience for them.

Marketing – O-Systems comes complete with tools and features built in for the acquiring of new customers. They provide unique methods for acquiring new customers.

Flexibility – O-Systems provides services to customize and design the layout and look of the online platform and system interface. As well, brokerages can choose and customize which features they wish to utilize.

Customer Service – O-SYSTEMS has a dedicated account manager that ensures all the brokerages needs are met. As well, if there are ever any technical issues or concerns, O-Systems will always be there for support.

O-Systems Platform

The O-Systems platform is one of the most advances systems available. The company is relatively new and was able to develop a platform with the latest technology and features. Their launched platform is called “OSyS 8.0” and looks familiar to other web-trader platforms that are available. The platform offers traders the three basic trade types being up/down, quick options (60/120/180/240 seconds), and long-term options.

As well, the platform utilizes various features to enhance the traders experience. O-Systems has incorporated a “smart feed”, which provides traders with the most accurate and up to date prices. Other features include buy more time, limit orders, advanced graph display, and social trading.

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