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Tech Financials is a global trading solutions provider to various types of online trading brokerages. The company was established in 2009 an is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol “TECH”. The Tech Financials company has become very successful and offers their trading software solutions to companies located all over the world. The software company has a dedicated team of over 130 experienced professionals that are spread out between there offices located in Japan, Ukraine, Israel, Cyprus, and Hong Kong. As a global software solutions company for the online trading industry, Tech Financial strives to be the most reputable partner to their financial brokerages by meeting the strict regulatory requirements of the ESMA, CFTC, FFAJ, and JFSA financial regulatory authorities. So, Tech Financials not only provides the software solutions for running a successful online trading brokerage, but also make it much easier to become a regulated and licence trading broker.

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Tech Financials Products

Tech Financials offers three main trading products under one powerful trading platform. The platform provides a simplified and intuitive trading experience while offering all the technical features traders need to succeed. See below the trading products offered by Tech Financials.

Forex (Spot) & CFDs

Tech Financials makes it easy for brokerages to integrate their Forex & CFDs software into the brokerages existing platform. The trading software utilizes a user-friendly interface, a single wallet account for all trading options, exclusive tools, security protocols, and more.

Digital Contracts

In order to expand the audience of traditional Forex and CFD brokers, Tech Financials has developed software offering digital contracts that is easily integrated into the brokers existing trading platform. The software offers an array of digital contracts products that offer hundreds of assets and numerous trading tools.

Ladder Options

Another software development available is ladder options which offer multiple strike prices and a variety of payouts. This attracts traders from every experience level which leads to increased profitability of the online trading brokerage.

Option Pricing

This software provides the most reliable pricing technology for a variety of financial trading instruments. This allows the broker to offer their clients a fair and transparent environment.

Trading On The Go

Traders have the ability to trade via the highly advanced and intuitive mobile application offered by Tech Financials. The app is available for both Apple and Android smart devices and offers the same high standards as the web-trader platform.

Tech Financials Software Solutions

Online trading brokerage have some options when it comes to implementing Tech Financials trading software. New trading brokerages can choose an all in one package that includes Front End, Trading Platforms, Option Pricing Engine, Back-Office Suite, Content Management, Customer Support, Single Wallet, Risk Management, Trade Monitoring, and fully operational implementation. As well, brokerages who are already established but would like to implement certain software solutions offered by Tech Solutions, they can through the company’s “pick & trade solution”. Also, for the many forex brokers utilizing the MetaTrader 4 platform, Tech Solutions offers them their single wallet solution software.

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